8 Packaging Tips You Need to Know When Launching a New Product

by Josh Biggs in Business, Ecommerce, Marketing on 25th January 2020

Launching a new product in today’s market has become quite simple thanks to the internet. With the articles and guides present online, you can easily check to know more about the process of launching a new product. But what about reaching the goals you set while launching the product? Launching a new product doesn’t mean just introducing it to the targeted people, they must be convinced to buy it too. Many parameters, even the criterion you didn’t know existed will come into picture when you are actually launching the product. With the fast-running competition in the e-commerce industry, each detail counts to the success of your brand. Your brand’s identity completely relies on the new product you launch, make sure you do not ruin it (if you are not a fresh brand). And if you are a fresh brand launching your first product, create a beautiful first impression to sustain in the market. To avoid all the major and minor mistakes most people commit when launching a new product, stick till the end.

Here are 8 important tips that will help you in making your product launch a success.

Know your customers

The first success of your launch is gaining consumers. As consumers share the same attachment as you do with your product. Your basic task is to impress them. Focus on them by studying their interests and preferences related to products.To describe your product to people and attract them, firstly you need to know to whom you are going to sell the products, is it the women, or men or kids or any age group. Know more about your customers to grow your business. Everyone who purchases from your industry are your potential customers. So it is important for you to understand their preferences for catering their needs.

Present your product beautifully

New and existing businesses are launching nearly 30,000 new products every year and not all products are known to people. Only 5% of the products successfully hit the set goals.The first thing is the quality of your product and the other is how you are taking it to the people. Make no faults from your side, manufacture the product that matches the trend with the high-quality materials, and provide them with a beautiful packaging.

To prevent your product from entering into the list of failed products, you also need to describe your product more amazingly. Describe the features of the product, how it is going to help your consumers, manufactured date, expiry date, cost, how to use it, product packaging etc. This gives a clear idea of the product to your customers. Show an affordable cost for your product, because price is the first thing that motivates customers to buy. But make sure the price you offer does not affect your business. The top strategy is to launch a limited edition according to the seasons and provide mesmerizing discounts and coupons that drive people to make a purchase.

Look over your competitors

You are not alone in your industry, there are competitors to accompany you. And everytime you will have something to learn from them. Spy them and analyze their strategies when launching new products. Not only that analyse their promotion plans, prices, find if they have a series of products and how they are showing them etc. Considering your competitors will help you set goals, understand the market and take product to customers in a more different way.

Innovative marketing plans

Your product speaks about your brand. Be careful about the quality of your product, and the way you market your product. Stamp brand logo to your product or product packaging, design the label and packaging of your product in a simple, clear and beautiful way. But do not give a heavy and clumsy look that results in a negative impression. 

Reach out to influencers to promote the product and take it to the right people. People generally search for reviews on the internet or ask friends or relatives about the product. So, use influencers to close the gap between your product and customers. Also, add some entertainment, mostly humour to attract customers. Put some funny lines on the packaging or the label instead of some boring and traditional how to use guides. 

Choose right channels to promote

Your product needs marketing to reach more people, as discussed above. But you cannot promote it everywhere. You need to choose the right channels to promote your product. To find the right channels, you need to find where your customers exist and where they are active. Say, the majority of your customers are active on Instagram and your product is related to the beauty industry. Make sure you promote it well on Instagram rather than somewhere else. This not only helps you reach your audience but also in saving your money (as you already know where not to invest). There are many other ways to promote your business like emails, newsletters, blog posts, social media posts etc. So, choose smartly.

Easy Packaging

The other important thing that connects you to your consumers other than the product is packaging. The more comfortable it is to carry, the more it impresses the customers. Make it easy-to-handle, simple and attractive. Also, design it with high-quality and environmentally-friendly material and make it usable. Double check the quality of the packages as quality check for packaging is important to deliver the utmost quality products to customers. You must detect any leaks in the packaging beforehand to avoid any mishaps. So, seal integrity testing should be done using leak detectors like FlexPak. Also, add some warm quotes on the pack as an additional input to touch customers’ emotions. 

Add Innovation

One top thing that makes you stand out from your peers is innovation. Customer tastes

change according to time, hence your products, marketing strategies need to change accordingly. Add some innovation in design of the product, packaging and in promotions to outperform your competitors.

Make customers guilt-free about the price

Pricing is an important factor in launching a product. Most of the entrepreneurs fail to impress their customers just because of the high price. In case your product is a little costly, make the packaging look worthy with high-end packing material and design. But this doesn’t work everytime. 

The quality, quantity, pricing and the innovation are needed to make your customers happy about the product. Everything discussed above counts for the success of the launched product. Make sure you take care of each detail for hassle-free product launch.