8 Reasons Why Pay Per Click Advertising is Important to Your Business

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 28th May 2019

Pay Per Click is a model in internet advertising, in which an advertiser pays publisher each time his ad receives a click. Are you using PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing as a part of your digital marketing strategy? If yes, you’re driving your campaign in the right direction. If no, you’re missing out on more than you think.

PPC is also known as Cost Per Click, it drives more traffic to your websites. Digital marketing or seo company can help you in creating a new PPC campaign or handle the already existing campaign. PPC advertising drives more site traffic and attracts more target audience.

Digital marketers refer to PPC as a breakthrough move for both small and large businesses. It has made advertising easy and budget-friendly for all businesses. It is a perfect advertisement strategy for every budget, be it big or small. Your advertiser pays you when customers click or interact with your advertisement. You can clearly run advertisement on your budget suitable for your business.

If you are still not convinced here are 10 reasons why PPC advertising is important for your business.



PPC is cost-effective. It costs relatively less compared to other advertising mediums. With PPC, you can create a budget and work around it. If not careful enough you may exceed your budget but still PPC yields a high return on investment compared to other advertising options.

You can analyse it for profitability in real-time, which makes it easy to stay within your budget. Limited or endless budget, PPC campaign can be altered according to your financial situation. You only pay for search engines like Google, Bing for listing your ads on their organic search listings.        



Unlike Print ads, tv or radio ads you don’t have to worry about schedules or slot bookings. Running PPC campaign is convenient when compared to such traditional advertising methods. PPC campaign scheduling is completely based on your schedule. You run your campaign on day or night, weekdays or weekends. It is completely your choice. So in short PPC ad or campaign can be run at your convenience.



With traditional advertising, you can purchase a slot and publish your advertisement and hope that people see it. You won’t have any idea about the audience viewing your advertisement. But with PPC you can understand your audience better. You can know who is interested and what are they interested in. With constant monitoring, you will get to know when they lost interest and the reason behind it. You can compare what works and what doesn’t without tiring your budget.


Profitability or Return on Investment

Pay Per Click definitely yields more Return on Investment compared to other advertisements. As you know campaigns can be created with a budget that your financial situation accommodates. But the traffic these campaigns drive.

However, the return you receive from such campaigns is clearly higher than the expense you incurred. For example, you have spent $5 to publish a PPC, when a customer clicks on that ad and visits your page they may purchase your products worth $300, which in turn is quite profitable.


Target audience

Who is your target audience? Is it international or local or both? You can choose the parameters with which you’re targeting your audience. Those parameters may be language, region, mobile or desktop users. It is completely your choice to choose your parameters, the only audience satisfying those parameters will visit your ad. Which is amazing as the PPC reaches your targeted audience. Which may increase your conversation rates.


Brand awareness

PPC creates brand awareness. It is creating visibility to your brand. Even though you’re customers don’t click on the ad, but they will still view it. So they will get to know about your brand. Which definitely works in your favour.

To make the sweeter, brand awareness and promotion comes free of cost. Cool right? This brand awareness may open new doors for you in future. Having brand awareness builds the credibility of your brand today, which provides you with benefits in future.


Understanding market viability

PPC shows results fast, which means you can analyse and measure which campaigns of yours are working and which are not. Which indeed allows you in seeing which marketing strategies are working and understand the reason behind those not working. You can understand how frequently are your leads converting.

You can perform in-depth research on why only certain products are receiving attention. PPC presents you with a platform where you can test your strategies and find out which works best. It provides you with similar services like an analytical tool to understand your strategies.


Website Rankings

If your website, products or services are ranking well in the search engine. It’s absolutely great. But what if they’re not? With PPC you can be worry-free, your website may take a huge leap and jump up to a few positions in search results using PPC campaign. Without SEO your website can climb up in search results with the power of PPC campaigns. Which in turn increase traffic to your website organically.



In a nutshell, PPC is one of the most important strategies in a digital marketing campaign. It will help you in improving your website, by providing with insights of which strategies work best for your website. It even reveals which keywords of yours are attracting more attention.

Even helps you in understanding reasons of why you’re lead are not converted into sales and also helps you in redesigning your campaign so that there are more conversion rates.


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