9 Sites to Download Free Illustration Images

by Josh Biggs in Business on 27th December 2019

Illustration images can help you save time whenever you have to finish up a design project very quickly. They are also useful as a source of motivation when you’re stuck on an artwork. However, they have other purposes asides from being used for designing. For instance, the templates can be inserted into presentations to buttress your points, thereby helping you to convey your message in a more meaningful manner.

No doubt, illustration images have become a special trend in designs. For one, elements of visual design provide you versatility. It is possible to use illustrations to represent the objective of your services or products without being compelled to write ten paragraphs to describe it. Furthermore, illustration images offer many color contrasts for you to emphasize essential information more effectively.

More interestingly, you do not have to go the extra mile to outsource or hire a visual graphics designer. Many creators have invested their effort and time to make free illustrations available for the community of designers. There are many websites where free illustration images that meet your needs are available for download. Keep reading to learn how each of these sites can assist you under different design circumstances. Dive in!

  1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a template website that you can easily download hundreds of design assets from, especially illustration images. What is special about this website is that there are unlimited assets to get from it. This means that you can use it for a countless number of design projects.

  • Absurd.Design

If you are searching for free illustrations with an abstract appeal or those done in crazy styles, then you should consider this site. If you wish to use it for free, then it is required that you link back to Absurd.Design anytime you want to use it. Otherwise, you would need to get a commercial license, which is accessible as a part of one’s monthly membership. Every illustration offers the possibility of many uses and interpretations. You can give your illustration images their own meaning. What matters is your free spirit and creativity.


This website certainly has a weird name, but on the contrary, there are many cool-looking illustrations on the platform. You only have to find them. It is mandatory for you to make attribution, that is, reference them, but you can freely download and use the resources on the site. Similar to other websites, it has several design techniques you can utilize.


unDraw features constantly-growing collections of utterly free illustration images. You can make use of them in a lot of your projects. What’s more, you do not need to make any attributions as the illustration templates are open-source. The images on this site are provided in an SVG format. This helps you to change colors and adjust the scale easily without the fear of reducing its quality.


As you may guess from its name, the site deals with human illustrations. You can use it any time there is a need for you to make an illustration that features humans. It even allows you to mix illustrations and match them for the creation of new ones. Also, you can use in both personal and commercial projects.

Although it is a relatively new site, it provides a library of beautiful and modern illustrations. Its collection includes various characters, features for customizing these characters, objects plus lots of elements you can employ in creating impressive scenes for different projects. So far you give due recognition to authors, you can use the illustrations on for your needs.


Speaking of illustration templates, you’ll always find Freepik useful. This site contains numerous design images, including illustration features. Here, you’ll discover illustrations in different categories and a selection of styles. Downloading and using them in commercial or personal projects is a benefit you’ll enjoy from this website. However, you have to link back to them.

Freepik owns a very comprehensive illustration library. While a portion of its elements is only accessible to premium subscribers, It also has many more free graphics that you can use. It is a particularly great option for calendar templates and infographics. This is because the site is regularly updated with brand new images.


The site has illustrations and icons for any kind of project. It hosts an amazing collection of minimalist, small, white and black icons that would be handy for creative works. Given over the millions of icons that the website has, you are bound to discover the illustrations applicable to your design needs. For instance, typing in simple queries such as “arrow,” etc. onto the site’s search bar gives access to nearly 80,000 matches of absolutely free, top-quality illustration images. So ensure you check out this site.


This is a site by Lukasz Adam. He creates scores of illustration images and offers them for free on his website. Each set of illustrations has been licensed under the MIT license. Additionally, he upgrades the website regularly with new illustration images.


This website has lovely illustration images up for downloads for any kind of design project. These illustrations are displayed in SVG and PNG formats. This connotes that you can modify the templates for your specific assignment. Like the rest on this list, you can use the illustrations for both personal and commercial purposes.

In conclusion

If you observe how the landscape of design works these days, it is obvious that the elements of visual graphics are in vogue. From dynamic shapes to simple fonts, to full-blown illustration templates that enhance your brand image. Apart from helping to speed up your design work, illustration images can also be used in the form of a springboard for designs. We have explored the best site choices you can find for free illustrations. So do well to bookmark the list so that you can return and download design goodies anytime you want.

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