9 ways to reduce IT costs for your Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 25th August 2020

If you own a business then you will definitely understand that you would have to save money if you want to make more money. You don’t simply save money by putting aside a little bit of what you earn. One can also save money by cutting costs. Cutting costs does not necessarily mean allocating less budget for all the things related to your business. It is about looking at the things you are spending more money than necessary and reducing your expenditure on them. If you are running an IT company then you should definitely look at the amount of money you spend every month. This is very important because IT costs are very expensive in this day and age. Looking at all the advancements they are only going to increase. The reason for this is you are getting introduced to more and more sophisticated technologies. 

To provide better service one has to be up-to-date when it comes to IT. But the problem is you have new technology replacing the old ones every other day. So how are you going to cut costs using the same old technology you have. You must change a few things in your company so it helps you cut costs not only temporarily but also in the long run. Not only that but also improve the quality of the services you offer.

Here are a few ways in which you can reduce it 

Recruit fresh graduates

This is one of the easiest ways to cut IT costs for businesses. There are thousands of students that graduate every year. You can hire them as they will be actively looking for jobs. A company will be saving a lot of money by doing this because they are fresh graduates and they don’t have enough experience to demand a high salary. So you can hire them for less salary than what you would pay for someone with years of experience. They might be a little inexperienced and may need a little bit of training but within a couple of months, they will be as productive as the experienced ones. You can also recruit interns as you don’t have to pay them if they are just looking for a little experience. 

Reduce the costs of personnel

Most of the IT organizations spend more money on personnel. This does not get noticed as this happens over a period of time. Having an experienced staff will help you get the job done very easily but sometimes you don’t need people with too much experience to do simple stuff. There could be other people or ways to get those things done in an easier way. To tackle this situation IT organizations reduce the number of employees. But you have to make sure that things like this are done in a way that doesn’t affect the mood of the employees. 

Switch to cloud

Cloud is one of the latest technologies in the market and it is making waves. This is because of the advantages it has to offer. If you can just switch to cloud then you don’t have to rely on all the infrastructure in your office to get the information you want. A company can just move all of its data to the cloud. This will enable all of the employees to access it from anywhere. The best part is it is very efficient in cutting costs. Switching to cloud will help cut costs on maintenance, security, and other stuff. If you don’t want to take care of the cloud you can just contact a company that provides managed IT services.

Get rid of unused software

There are various types of software that a company might use. This is because you use different kinds of software for different things. But you will be getting new software over time. So, find out if there is any software that you are no longer using but still paying a premium. If you find any software that you are no longer using then it is better to get rid of it.

Use budget-friendly hardware

This is something people don’t even know that they can do. People are under the impression that you have to spend lots of money to get the best hardware. It is not completely false but you must understand what the hardware is for. You don’t need expensive hardware to do certain things. Above all, you could find good hardware for a cheaper price if you just explore the hardware market. You can even negotiate the amount for which you can get the hardware you need.

Reduce usage of offshore resources if needed

There are many people who think that getting your work done in offshore locations is great. This is because you can get the work done for cheaper rates when it comes to offshore. This is actually true as you will be able to save at least 50 cents for every dollar you would have to spend. But this is not true to all times. All things cannot be done effectively on offshores. Even the travel costs are higher which are not considered in return on investments. Companies fail to realize some things cost higher in offshores than they do in their home country. So look at the offshore resources which you can eliminate to cut costs. 

Reduce turnover

There is no need to emphasize how much it costs to recruit and train employees. So it is very important that you take proper care of the employees. You must recognize the efforts put in by the employees. A company must make sure that their IT teams have everything they need to do their jobs. Appreciating employees on their good work may look like a small thing but it will have a great impact on them. The satisfaction of the employees is the key to reducing turnover. 


While this may be contrary to one of the tips given above but you have to look at it in a context. It is true that there are certain things that cannot be done effectively offshores. But it is also true that there are also things that can be done with the same quality in the offshores. You have to choose the right kind of work to outsource. If you could just figure that part out you will be saving a lot of money. 

Use virtual technology

One of the best ways to reduce costs is to use virtual technology to operate your business. You can virtualize databases to save storage space and money. If you start attending virtual meetings you can save money on travel, accommodations, and the space you have to rent out to conduct meetings. You can even centralize your data through virtualization so that it is easy for everyone to access.

Another top benefit of incorporating virtual technology into your business and that is the ability to save training costs with virtual reality. This you can do by allowing staff to train in office, instead of sending them away to training days.


Cutting costs on IT is something that all businesses are wanting to do in this day and age. You can do this by eliminating things you don’t need and adopting new technologies that will make your work easier. There are many ways to cut IT costs, it’s just that the companies don’t pay enough attention to know how to do it. Follow the above tips to reduce IT costs for your business.

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