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A Detailed Guide on Video Marketing

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 15th June 2022

There is a well-known proverb – “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It is true. People tend to consume information better with their eyes. Thus, it is important when it comes to business promotion. 

If you go to YouTube and try to find any niche-related company, you will stumble upon the company’s channel. 

And this is for a good reason. 

YouTube is the biggest online video sharing and social media platform in the digital world. That’s why your business should be present there. 

That’s why you should have video marketing in your arsenal.

But how to use video marketing in practice? 

In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about video marketing. 

Let’s start!

The Essence of Video Marketing

First of all, let’s see what video marketing is. 

Video marketing is a comprehensive marketing strategy that helps promote your business using video content. It works well for increasing brand awareness and engagement across your social channels. 

What are the main benefits of video marketing?

  • It is highly accessible 

Video content is everywhere. You can see videos on the billboards. You can see it on your smartphone, laptop, TV, PC, and so on. You can also add video content to your interactive brochure, eBook or magazine using the online magazine maker.

  • It allows demonstrating concepts clearly

Creating text-based content restricts you from explaining some concepts. You can’t help your audience see the exact process in action using blog posts. 

For example, you have an idea to write a step-by-step tutorial on how to play guitar. You cover theoretical aspects of playing the instrument. People read the information and get an idea of a music theory. You describe the guitar and its construction. But when it comes to covering guitar playing techniques – written material won’t work here. 


Because people need to see how to place their fingers on the fretboard, how to pluck the strings, and how it should sound. 

In this very case, video content works the best. 

  • It allows building a personal connection with the audience 

Written content is great, but it has its own shortcomings. There are always some guidelines that restrict your flexibility. 

For example, you can’t write more than 1500 words. Or you can’t share your personal experience with the readers. 

Video content provides you with the freedom to act. You can show yourself and talk to every user as if you’re having a tet-a-tet conversation. 

Video marketing types

There are ten main types of video you should know. Let’s review them one by one:

  • Video tutorials

When you want to teach your audience something, you need to make a video that would be a tutorial. As a rule, this type of video describes a step-by-step process that involves many different aspects of the same topic. For example, here is a tutorial on creating an infographic. 

  • Product review

If you want to show your product or service in action, you should record a product review video. You can introduce your product by yourself or ask a niche-related influencer to do this for you. For example, here is a product review of a bass-guitar Dingwall NG3.

  • Animated video content

Animation video speaks for itself. This type of video content is based on using animations to explain the information. Sometimes this video content has a humorous style. Just like a meditation tips video from Headspace.

  • Video for branding

Video for branding aims to help raise more brand awareness for your product or service. If you spend enough time on YouTube you might see this kind of video as ads. 

  • Video speech

Many entrepreneurs are fond of recording videos where they communicate with their audience. These thought leaders share their ideas, tips, and updates to build strong relationships with people. One of these entrepreneurs is Gary Vee.

  • Event video

You know how conferences are popular these days. Different business niches run conferences all around the world. Tons of people buy tickets to listen to the speech of the influencers. Hence, you can showcase these conferences via video. As an example, a famous British SEO conference called BrightonSEO.

  • Livestream

Livestream gathers users online to have direct interaction with them. People can write comments in the online chat, ask questions, and get answers in a blink of an eye. It is a quite popular video format among YouTubers. 

  • Testimonial video

Don’t shy away from creating a video with your existing customers’ testimonials on your product. It will help attract new potential leads and underline your product uniqueness. For instance, Salesforce video testimonial. 

  • Storytelling video content

Tell an inspirational story about your business and let more people know your product better. Don’t forget to make them more entertaining. 

  • Video interview

It is always fascinating to hear from niche-related experts. Thus, get in touch with a few ones and invite them to have an interview in a video format. 

Now, the main question – how to do video marketing right? 

Keep on reading and you will find out!

Three Steps of Video Marketing You Should Know 

There are three main steps to make your video marketing strategy actionable. Let’s run through them. 

  1. Identify your target audience

You can’t create video content randomly. You need to know the exact audience you’re going to produce videos for. And there is no better way than to start with your existing customers. 

Try to figure out who your customers are. What issues they have that your product could solve. Make sure you know why they have chosen your product in the market. 

If you want to know more about your audience – talk to them. Jump on a call or run a customer survey. 

However, if you don’t have a list of customers, then think about who would use your product to solve the existing issues. 

For instance, you suggest a toolkit that helps people make their content look more eye-appealing. Thus, the following idea would work for you.

I need to revolve content topics around people who want to create beautifully designed content.

Stick with this direction. You won’t miss your audience. 

  1. Create objectives

You can split objectives into three categories:

  • Brand awareness

This objective is simple – let more people know about your brand. You create video content that introduces the brand and what it suggests to your potential customers. 

  • Educational videos

Your product solves issues that customers have. Create videos that show how to achieve this goal. It can be tutorials and how-to video content.

  • Entertainment video content

You can (and should) mix your video content with entertainment material. People like to have fun and don’t like the boring way of acquiring new information. 

  1. Video creation 

You already have everything you need to start the process of video creation. Here is a detailed guideline on how to do this. 

  • Create a plan for the future video

First and foremost, your task is to brainstorm topic ideas. Keep in mind that video content should go in line with your initial goal. For example, your goal is an educational one. 

Start with exploring topics that would be interesting for your audience. In other words, figure out what your potential customers search for on YouTube. 

To find this information you can use Keywords Explorer tool from Ahrefs. Type your niche-related keyword and switch the tab to “YouTube”. Then go to the “Matching terms” report and switch the tab to “Questions”:

As you can see, there are 303 topic ideas that you can use in your video marketing strategy. 

  • Length of video

Video length depends on your objective. 

  • Brand awareness objective (15 seconds to 1-2 minutes)
  • Educational goal (5 minutes to 1-2 hours)
  • Entertainment goal (10 minutes to 180 minutes)
  • Script your video

Don’t record video unless you have prepared a video script. 

Why is it so necessary?

It will help make your video recording process a bit easier and smoother. 

If you are working on educational video content, you can follow this script format:

  • Start with the problem that your video solves
  • Show the solution 
  • Give actionable solution

However, if you’re recording branding and entertainment video content, you can not bother yourself with scripting much. Or you can use a tool like Jasper AI to write the video script for you based on a popular inbuilt template. It’s not perfect , but often the output comes out very usable after some minor edits.

  • Record your video

The final part of the overall video creating process is recording. And here are a few tips that will help you out:

  • Choose the right location

The quality of your video depends on the environment where you record it. It is important to control the amount of echo and light (especially, don’t record video right beside a window if the sun shines.)

You can equip your home video studio using black or white canvas as a background. 

  • Video camera

Our modern-day smartphones can suggest using a quite powerful camera. However, if you want to use a really powerful “weapon”, you should play with a DSLR camera. 

  • Teleprompter

If you prefer scripting your video content, you should use a teleprompter. It is a device that prompts the person who is speaking with an electronic visual text of a speech. 

  • Audio settings

Audie is even more important than the quality of the image of your video. People must hear you clearly and understand every single word you’re pronouncing. In this case, use two types of the microphone – shotgun and lavalier mics. The first one is better for recording static videos. Lavalier mic is for dynamic videos. 

Finally, don’t forget to edit your video after uploading. 


Video marketing is an actionable strategy to level up your brand awareness, show the power of your product, and attract more potential customers. 

It consists of different stages like any other complex strategy. Hence, be ready to invest your time, efforts, and money. It is not a cheap way to interact with your audience. 

This guide has presented core principles of video marketing and how to use this strategy to the fullest. 

Don’t shy away from sharing your thoughts in the comments section. 

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