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by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 24th August 2021

SEO has always been the key ingredient in building a brand’s awareness. Not only SEO strategies increase the brand’s visibility online but it also helps convert the traffic. However, how SEO is perceived has changed drastically over the years. In the early days, one could simply flood their website’s landing pages with their brand name and top keywords stuffing to rank higher on search results.  Whereas, nowadays one needs SEO strategy for both (local and international) in order to improve the company’s brand image. 

As technology has evolved, search engine algorithms have gotten much smarter, more complex, and more than ever “user-focused”. Hence, brands are now competing in the global market with a neck to neck competition. However, one can use SEO strategies to lift the brand and take it a notch higher than the others. Sounds impossible? It is not and the confirmation can be found in iCEA Group North America, of which the prime focus is to build a brand image.

So how can it be done? 

Yes, confirms the iCEA Group North America. Their prime focus is building brand image. An SEO specialist from iCEA Group North America shares an instance where his client was driving 15K organic traffic through her online portal that sells beauty products in New York. Most of her sales came from online advertising, personal reference, and Instagram offers. “Since she had just started with her online business, we decided to execute a full-blown SEO strategy. After implementation, she got an average of 60k organic visitors per month. That’s great, right? But, most importantly the website drove traffic for the product and not the offers.”

Are there any particular strategies that the startups in the U.S. market can adapt?

Let’s understand what the professionals have to say. 

Using relevant keywords for increasing organic traffic

The first step is to know the website inside and out. The customers, clients, products or services, and visitors. After understanding, how well the products or services of a brand are placed in the market, the next step is to

assign keywords. Short keywords are the most commonly used keywords and have high competition. Whereas long-tail keywords have a more focussed audience base. Always remember to optimize the keyword strategy in a way that focuses on queries related to the brand name. 

And an essential tip from an iCEA Group North America specialist:

Look for what their existing customers are searching for. 

Local SEO

Local SEO doesn’t apply to only optimizing for one area, but instead optimizing the exact locations. 

For example, let’s say the brand has its existence all over North America. Now, would it make sense to have one website that is available for the entire United States of America? No, one needs to localize the content — from language to visuals. Make sure the content is appropriate for the target audience. This will attract the attention of users in this particular area and will make them aware of the brand’s products and services in that area. 


Fresh and high-quality content gets more traffic and leads, it’s a simple fact.

Furthermore, the content needs to match the right type — the kind that the target audience is looking for. Also, the content that’s no longer relevant to the audience needs to be removed. There is no point in promoting outdated content. It is recommended to update it when a page is 6-12 months old. Don’t update the posts that already are in the SERP’s top three. Updating the content is not just about renewing old information. It is also repairing old-fashioned formatting, out-of-date statistics, writing style, etc. When updating, make sure it is longer and has a refreshing title. 

Final thoughts from iCEA Group North America

It is the online space that represents the business “image” in front of the world. But this doesn’t mean one should leave the importance of local presence to linger in the dust. iCEA Group North America has successfully deployed specific strategies to help various businesses create their brand image in the U.S. market. As an entrepreneur, one is certain to face responsibilities. To ensure growth, a bus

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