All You Need To Know About Creating Your Financial Future From Wendy Kirkland’s P3 System

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 25th September 2020

Do you constantly find yourself in debt? Does your pocket feel lighter as the end of the month approaches? We often live recklessly, spending our hard-earned cash without a second thought.

Feeling secure about your finances is crucial to living a wholesome life. Planning your financial future gives you that security. You will live a better life in the present, while saving for that future house, money for college education for your children, retirement, etc.

People start thinking about creating their finances even before hitting their twenties. Don’t be worried if you are starting late. You can begin at any moment to build-up your financial future from scratch. Here’s how you can create your financial future starting right away.

Create a Finance Management Plan

So, you have started thinking about your financial future. The first thing you need to focus on is your financial goals.

If you are going to save money, have some goals to save for. For example, you might want to buy a house, or you want to have enough money to gain financial freedom. It’s vital to answer the question: Why are you saving? Having clear goals helps you achieve them faster.

You have to consider your income source and your monthly expenditure to manage your finances well. Once you start saving, try your best to not get your hands on that money, unless it’s an emergency situation. Decide on your goals, understand your income and expenditure, and start saving!

Having a Budget Doesn’t Make You Stingy

We often think that it’s alright to spend the money we are currently making, forgetting that we will have to retire at some point. Living on a budget is not always the great evil as people perceive it to be.

Whether you are earning a sufficient amount or you feel like you are barely making enough, a budget will always help you save.

While making the budget, look at your bank statement and see where all that money is going. Other than the things you need, cut down the rest, especially if you are not earning a lot.

If you have the luxury to save enough, even after creating a comfortable budget, that’s great too.

Multiple Income Sources

Why You Need Multiple Income Sources?

Wendy Kirkland, options trader and author of a handful of books about trade and finance, has an incredible success story. Her story is a great example of why it is crucial to have multiple sources of income.

Once a gift shop owner, her family lost their business to a natural disaster. To break out of financial troubles, she stumbled into options trading, finding her true calling.

Wendy Kirkland’s P3 System is one of the numerous examples of how she became an expert options trader and a master short term trade strategist.

As seen in Wendy Kirkland’s example, you must consider all your possible income sources and utilize as many opportunities to earn as possible, to stay away from financial problems.

Sound Investments

If you have some funds you can invest with, you can grow your finances. This is a great strategy for building your wealth.

If you have no prior knowledge of investments, don’t dive in without any understanding of how everything works. Do your research on investments and strategies, and opt for making calculated investments.

Before making investments, try to start small. Don’t go all-in on your entire savings. You have to understand how much you are willing to risk.

Having a diversified investment portfolio is vital for calculated investments. In simple terms, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, spread out your investments to different companies and industries. You can also try hedging strategies to minimize risk.

Options Trading

As Wendy Kirkland, who had no prior knowledge of trading, tried it out to grow her finances, you should too. Short term trading, such as options trading, is a great way to increase wealth.

If you buy stocks and then the prices go down, even if you wait a long time, it may not come up again. The company might go bankrupt, eating away your investment along with it.

Why consider options trading? Because it helps you minimize your risks. When you try trading options, you are only risking the money you spent on the option itself. Plus the stock prices are cheaper on call options and you can invest in large companies, which usually have high stock prices.

Opening a Savings Account

Creating a savings account is a vital step to building your financial future. You can talk to your bank about opening one for you, where they cut a portion of your monthly earning and put it into the savings account.

Most banks pay interest to the account holder, for keeping their savings in their bank. Look into which bank might give you a higher savings interest rate. Try to have multiple savings accounts, including an account for emergency funds.

Again, if you think you do not make enough to save, you must try and cut down on your expenditure. Look at what you can live without and save now, to build a secure financial future for you and your family.

Stay Debt Free

Having a stress-free life is crucial for living a wholesome life. If you have a lot of debt to pay, you will always be stressed. Staying debt-free is possibly the most important aspect of having a secure present and building a solid financial future.

Credit Card Debt

Let’s talk about the greatest evil, your credit card debt. Having a credit card debt is incredibly common, because it makes it easy to give into that shopping spree even when you don’t have money.

While having people think that it is a necessity to have a credit card to build a credit score, it is not. You can also build your credit score by timely paying your bills, mortgages, car payments, etc.

If you have a credit card debt, the first thing to do is to stop using it. Remember that your bank is charging you for even having the card. Don’t let the debt build-up and pay it off quickly.

Paying Off Debt

Remember that paying off debt should always be your first priority. Create a budget and cut down your spendings, paying off your debt fast so that you can start building your future.


Now you know what you must do to create your financial future. Start working on building your future finances today.

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