Android Data Recovery Software Is Available!

by Josh Biggs in Software on 1st December 2019

 Just one tap and some of your important data has gone! Those might be text messages, videos, audios, photos or whatever, and they were stored on your Android device. Just some time ago their recover would be just impossible. Can you imagine recovering files on your Android device? For some users, it sounds weird even now.

But things have changed, and the best Android recovery software is available now. Moreover, it is free. Well, you can upgrade your free version to a paid one, if you need. Download it from the official website and try out!

Disk Drill and How It Works

So, now some words about Disc Drill, a free Android data recovery tool. So, you have downloaded it, on your mac, not the Android device though. Now, before you run it, do the following if you want your files back:

  • Close all apps that are running now;
  • Deactivate GPS, any other online service;
  • Close all files, one by one;
  • Make sure your phone is in sleep mode.

Have you done it? Now, it is time to get back the files that you need. Connect your Android device to your mac. Does the mac see it? Most likely, it will identify the Android device as a USB, but actually, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the device is identified. Now, start Disk Drill. It might ask for some permissions, just give them.

And now, wait till the software finishes its work. Even if you need Android picture recovery service, you get it. Disk Drill recovers all known files, more than 300 formats. And photos are among the most popular files stored in a smartphone. That’s why the developers of Disk Drill have had this idea: to add some functionality and to turn this amazing app into a free photo recovery software for Android.

Then, after the files search is over, you should root your device. You see now all partitions and discs on your mobile device. Do you know how to perform a rooting process? If not, you can find it easily on the web, just type in the request.

Any Alternatives?

Probably there are some apps that can work on your Android device. Maybe you will be able to find even a free Android photo recovery software. However, it is hard to believe that they will work as efficiently as Disk Drill does. This software can get your files back even after the device was reset at the factory. It is hard to believe but even deleted SMS can be recovered. Disk Drill is available for download here.

You might want to know that the software can work not only with your Android mobile phone but with tablets and even smart watches. Yep, the newer versions are harder to handle, so, the entire process might take more time. There is also one detail that you should know: the longer you wait the fewer chances you have to get your files back. But in the end, you get what you need.

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