Attendance Management: 7 Reasons You Can’t do Without a Biometric Machine

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 23rd March 2021

For efficient time and attendance management, any company, be it big or small, needs an employee attendance monitoring system. To deal with attendance discrepancies and variations within the organization, management has to keep track of each employee’s time and attendance.

In today’s dynamic environment, new and advanced technologies, such as AI are changing the way businesses function. Since manual attendance monitoring is a time-consuming and tedious operation for a group of workers, a smart biometric machine with face recognition capability is something that can enable accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness. 

Previously, fingerprint biometric machines were used all over India. But due to the pandemic, their use has been prohibited in offices. That is where the use of a biometric system with face recognition capabilities plays a critical role.

Here we will talk about a few reasons that make a biometric machine with face recognition the need of the hour:

  1. Eliminates Buddy Time Punching

Such a biometric machine necessitates the punching in of every employee separately. It is almost impossible to ‘buddy clock’ another employee. Since a co-worker’s facial features cannot be duplicated, time-stealing can be prevented.

  1. No Consumable Costs

Fobs and cards get misplaced or worn with time, necessitating their replacement. In order to complete the identification and clock in for an employee, a biometric machine with facial recognition uses biometric information to record the attendance. 

Like, when the employee stands in front of it, it scans their face and matches it with the already recorded employee data. Once approved, it records the employee’s attendance.

  1. Reliable Data

A biometric time and attendance system collects real-time and accurate data. You can view data at any moment to find out any issues that may arise at your office. It allows you to produce reports quickly, alerts you about concerns, and enables you to take immediate action.

  1. Precise Payroll Records

A biometric machine reliably tracks workers’ arrival and departure dates, allowing them to be paid appropriately. For most companies, reducing overpayment is a major cost-cutting step.

  1. Automated Workplace Rules

You can easily set up a biometric machine according to your office rules and regulations. An organization that uses flex time, for example, would no longer have to physically log hours. The attendance machine takes care of it for you.

  1. Improved Productivity

A biometric machine reduces staffing overhead, saves employee time, and provides payroll with reliable statistics by reducing and ultimately replacing the process of manually tracking attendance and time reports. This results in bringing more effectiveness to business processes.

  1. Employee Accountability

A biometric machine builds verifiable audit trails, resulting in a more accountable and responsible employee management attendance and time scheme. It improves the reliability of the employees, as they can be liable for excessive tardiness, absenteeism, and unscheduled breaks among other things. 

Employee theft, buddy punching, and other challenges and loopholes created by an inefficient attendance and time scheme, which is blamed for needless sales loss, are all eliminated by a biometric machine. A company can increase its return on investment by installing a biometric machine with face recognition technology. 

One such brand that offers the best biometric machine is KENT. It has recently introduced KENT Cam Attendance, a touchless attendance system that scans employees’ faces to mark their attendance. It comes with advanced features, such as real person detection that allows the machine to easily distinguish between a real person and a photograph. Avail a free demo to learn about all the features in detail.

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