Benefits of Bringing Your Own Phone to a Free LifelineNetwork

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 26th August 2021

The US Government provides a free or discounted lifeline phone program to low-income families through a network of service providers. Thanks to the advances in the telecom sector, the program also includes a new cell phone with 3G network and hotspot facilities to subscribers who don’t own a device.

The lifeline program is designed to provide free lifeline smartphones to those who cannot afford them. However, if you already have a smartphone, you can still avail of the benefits offered by the lifeline program without having to change your phone.  

How to Check Your Phone Compatibility in a Free Lifeline Network?

A free lifeline plan gives you the option of bringing your CDMA or GSM phone to the network. Most 4G VoLTE GSM phones work on this network, so you can check your existing phone’s IMEI if you don’t need the free smartphone offered as a part of the program. 

Dial *#06# on your phone to retrieve your IMEI number. Bringing your own phone to a free lifeline network will give you the following benefits. 

Cost-Effective Solution

Using your smartphone in a free lifeline network is a money-saving option for the user. Since the lifeline program is a benefit program intended to help those who cannot afford to buy a mobile phone or pay for its usage, enrolling in the lifeline program will guarantee that your monthly rates come down. 

People using their own mobile devices can save monthly rental charges and other contract-related costs.

Reduce Burden on Customer Support Team

Understanding the features of any smartphone may take time. Customers need constant support from the technical team to address troubleshooting issues.

When users bring their own phone to a lifeline network, they get to enjoy the same level of customer service from their carriers, while paying less every month as charges. 

Users Can Take Advantage of Cutting-Edge Features

Most cell phone providers offering lifeline services provide a cheap, budget model.  While a basic mobile is enough to call and send messages, smartphones offer many additional benefits.

The technologically advanced younger generation can use the latest features such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc. 

Secured Way of Communication

According to Forbes, smartphones for low-income groups are being shipped with inbuilt malware that endangers users’ privacy.

However, when you use your own phone, you are sure there are no such issues. Using your own phone is the best way to ensure data security. 

Moreover, as you are already familiar with your mobile phones’ security and privacy settings, it is easier to apply lock codes and passwords to your data. 

Additional Features and Benefits

Most service providers in your area may offer you bonuses and discounted service rates if you bring your current device.

For example, some companies may offer free data for the first three months. Some cell phone providers may also waive off installation charges if you choose to use an existing device.

Not all service providers let you bring your phones into their network. So, you should check your eligibility before you apply. 

Most free lifeline cell phone providers use either CDMA or GSM technology. It is advisable to check the compatibility of your existing smartphone to the available network.

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