Benefits of Drake Hosted Services

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 14th March 2020

SMBs, CPAs, and accounting firms use a range of professional tax management software for preparing and processing tax returns. Drake is one of the most widely used solutions for the process. It automates many of the commonly used processes and helps business professionals focus on enhancing productivity and drive value. While the software offers several benefits to its users, Drake Hosted software has added benefits to the already powerful solution.

Improved Flexibility in Data Access

Cloud technology has made remote access possible. All users need is an internet-enabled device to access any data they need to work with. Additionally, several users can access and work on the system simultaneously. This improves collaboration and helps tax professionals and CPAs coordinate better.

Cloud Technology Reduces Costs

Accessing Drake software as a Desktop as a Service offering has several advantages in terms of cost-efficiency. It reduces the investments required in software procurement, system upgrade and maintenance, staff payroll and other aspects which are all handled by the cloud solutions provider. This means, there is lower capital expenditure and the services are based on a subscription plan. The instances of downtime are minimized and there is no expenditure in fixing such issues. Access to cloud services is no longer restricted to only large companies.

Advanced Safety and Security Features

Hosted cloud services are protected with advanced security features like firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware systems designed to handle complex threats. These are backed by MFA, regular automatic backups, encryption technologies, intrusion detection, and prevention system and other intelligent systems. It is even possible to remote wipe confidential data in the event of loss or theft of a device that had access. There are redundant backups created and stored in multiple locations. This ensures that the content will be available even during outages and accidental deletions.

Improved Collaboration Capability

Users no longer have to be present at their workstations to access their data and applications. If the tax filing process involves multiple users, collaboration should be the top priority. Without a doubt, having a team is pointless if members can’t work together. Hosting Drake software will be the ideal solution when several users have to work with the same files simultaneously. It also collaborates with business tools such as Office 365 business or Office 365 business essentials etc Team members can work remotely on the cloud to access, edit, and share data from anywhere while accessing data from anywhere. It also enables real-time information sharing possible helping tax professionals reduce time-to-market and improve service efficiency.

Drake Hosting Solution Providers

As cloud technology adoption becomes critical for the sustenance and evolution of modern-day businesses, it becomes imperative for financial institutions and tax professionals to adopt systems that are compatible with it. Drake software is one of the leading software solutions that has this capability. Tax professionals can get rid of the typical problems that hamper their operational capabilities. It gives finance professionals an unprecedented advantage over their peers by allowing them to focus on their business objectives rather than diverting their attention to IT issues. Contact Apps4Rent, a leading cloud service provider with Drake software hosting capability that provides 24/7 assistance via phone, chat, and email.

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