Benefits of GIFs Over MP4 – Why Video to GIF

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 18th June 2022

Do you enjoy sending funny gifs to your friends? Who doesn’t, right? GIFs are a fun way to express your thoughts and emotions to others. In this sphere of the internet, there is a GIF to convey every emotion. Businesses also use GIFs to connect and get closer to their targeted audience. From emails to social media, they are using GIFs to grab the attention of their customers. It is not an exaggeration to say that GIFs have become an effective marketing tool for marketers to increase engagement. 

GIFs are helping marketers in conveying their message without saying a lot of words. More than 75% of organizations across the globe are using GIFs to convey their messages. It shows that users prefer short clips over long videos and images. An enticing visual leaves a strong impression on the viewer, and it will remain in their memory longer. This is the reason brands are interested in using GIFs instead of long text messages or videos. 

GIFs are more favored than MP4 videos, do you know why? Video content always has a risk associated with it that if the viewer doesn’t find it interesting they might not watch it. However, GIFs are different; these are short clips that last not more than 15 seconds. People don’t have to spend a lot of time watching it as the message will be delivered in mere seconds. Cool, right? The best thing is that you can use MP4 to GIF converters to convert videos into GIFs and repurpose your old video content.

Here are a few benefits that GIFs have over MP4.

Universal recognition

Have you ever seen a person who doesn’t know GIFs? No. Because GIFs are understood and recognized by everyone. People know what they are and highly use them. So if you are using GIFs to communicate the message there is a chance that you will be successful. 

Small Size Files

Another reason why GIFs are better than MP4 is because of their size. Videos can be long and have large file sizes. On the other hand, GIFs are shorter with smaller file sizes. This makes them adaptable in every case. Using GIFs is more favorable because the smaller size reduces the loading time while maintaining the quality of the clip. The smaller size makes it more accessible as it becomes easier for users to share them.

Easy to Create

Another advantage of GIFs is they are easy to create. Yup! You hardly need any complicated softwares to create them. From desktop to smartphone, you can create GIFs on any device easily. The accessibility of GIF converter applications has made creating GIFs hassle-free. Not only creating but editing them is also highly simple. You don’t need professional softwares and high technical skills to get the job done. All you need is a trustworthy application and your creativity to bring incredible GIFs to life.

Interactive and Engaging

Why are you using GIFs? Isn’t it because you find them entertaining? Well, it is no different for the rest of us. When GIFs are sent within the context they can be an extremely witty way of getting your message across. The engagement and influence will increase because of them. No matter how complex your message is, you can convey it within seconds. Most people will agree that GIFs convey messages better than words. However, your GIF must be in sync with your context. Otherwise, they become a recipe for disaster. Fun, Interactive, and Engaging what more reasons do you need to use GIFs?

Boosts Engagement

From email marketing to social media content, businesses are relying on GIFs to connect with their audience. GIFs make the message more personal for the audience along with making your organization more relatable. GIFs are eye-catching and you can use them to liven up your emails, social media feeds, and blogs. Businesses need to become more relatable to their audience to grow. When audiences find your content interesting they will naturally spread it to their acquaintances. What better way than this to reach your targeted audience? Don’t you agree? GIFs can provide you with that viral moment your business needs to reach the next level. 

Best way to convey your message

Videos are long, and the viewer has to watch them till the end to get the message. What if they lost interest mid-way? What if they had stopped watching a few seconds into the video? This means your message is not effectively conveyed to the audience. An average person spends more than 100 minutes a day on video content. Sometimes the message in your video can get lost in translation and the audience may not have the patience to watch till the end. This is why GIFs are better, they are quick, to the point, and easy to understand. They create a unique experience for the users as they are shorter and sound-free.

GIFs also tell a story

Most people assume that GIFs are short so they would not be successful in conveying your brand or product story to an audience. This is where you are highly mistaken. GIFs also convey a story. Let’s talk with an example, imagine you are posting about your new product on social media. Instead of sharing a bunch of pictures in carousel posts, you can give your audience a 360-degree view of your product with GIFs. Sounds cool, right? Audiences are always searching for unique experiences, the more you deliver the closer you get to them. Instead of creating videos to convey your story, use GIFs that give you the same impact.

Final Thoughts

Fun, Intriguing, Entertaining. GIFs are all this and a lot more. Be it for personal or professional use, GIFs are used by people for various purposes. You can create funny and interesting GIFs and boost your engagement. The users can also create Fresh and unique GIFs from their existing videos. Yes! All you need is your creativity and a trustworthy GIF converter. There you go! You have new entertaining GIFs at your fingertips.

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