Blogging and Marketing – A Relationship You Need in Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 18th December 2020

When constructing a viable marketing strategy for your business, you need to consider the importance of blogs and how they can seriously help to boost your efforts. Let’s take a closer look at this crucial relationship between blogging and marketing.

Link Building

One of the primary reasons to look into the relationship between blogging and marketing is for the benefits of link building. By making use of blogger outreach, a brand is going to be able to significantly build their collection of backlinks. This is a key part of SEO, and it can take some time to do naturally and in a good way. 

There are many different strategies when it comes to link building, so it is important that a company is able to find one that delivers them fantastic results. By using blogs, they are able to send content that could be seen directly by their target demographic – therefore allowing them to potentially pick up leads. These are well-established platforms and many of them have loyal readers who come back time and time again to see new content that has been posted.


Placing content on other websites is a great strategy to start with, but you should also consider creating a blog to go on your business’s own website. One of the primary benefits of doing so is that it gives you the chance to demonstrate the knowledge and authority of your company – along with SEO benefits, of course.

Nowadays, consumers want to work with brands that they can trust. If a company is able to properly showcase their area of expertise through their content, it could bring a potential customer one step further to a conversion. Blog content is usually short, and easily digestible. It offers the perfect platform for a brand to demonstrate their knowledge of their industry.


Engagement between your brand and your customers is always going to be key for developing meaningful and long-lasting connections that can benefit you both. You need to provide them with ample opportunity to engage with your brand, and one way to do so is with your blogging content.

For example, you could choose to offer a special deal for those coming from the blog, similar to an affiliate program. This would allow you to monitor the traffic coming from this source, and means that you will be able to tell whether this would be a valid path to continue. If you have your own blog, you could also host guest bloggers and other content creators to help build several partnerships that could further your business and your other marketing campaigns.

Marketing and blogging is a relationship that you need to nurture as a business owner. The benefits of the latter can boost the former exponentially, and is something that can’t be ignored. Take a look at how you can start to implement blogging into your marketing campaigns now. They could be just the thing your current campaign is missing.

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