Brand value and importance of advertising

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 10th March 2021

In a world where most things are governed by technology, people seem to forget about the fact that the presentation of their product is as much important as brand advertising. 

Most companies used to advertise their products using physical methods like door-to-door illustrations or painting the bridges with their products but it all changes with the inception of virtual reality. 

In today’s blog, we will be looking at some of the exceptional facts and notable methods that have helped the companies in having a great rise in their stocks.

Some of the more exceptional brand advertisement facts that may come as a shock to you

  1. Most of the high-end companies advertise with a technique that goes by the name of “effective condition”. In this method, people tend to place their products with things that have a positive impact on the user or customer. For instance, most of the smartphone companies use high society backgrounds or high contrast videos to place their phones with which somewhat correlates with the product, thus making a positive impact on the user.
  2. One of the simplest yet complex ideas come off in the form of watches. Most watch companies make sure that the watch shows the exact time of 10:10. It is so because the hands of the watch frame the name of the brand of the watch and the time makes a smiley face which comes off as a good thing in terms of impression.
  3. In the early period of chewing gum ads, a trend started where everyone who ate chewing gum used to chew two gums at once and for quite a simple reason. That is because all of the stars who featured in the chewing gum ads used to chew two gums at once which became a sort of trend that was followed largely by the consumers.
  4. One of the most bizarre yet funny facts of the advertising history, Chanel which is a brand that is known throughout the world made the most expensive brand advertising campaign which summed up to a total of 33 million dollars, 3 million of which went home with the star actor Nicole Kidman who featured in the ad.

Some of these may sound bizarre but were quite effective and helped the companies in having a significant rise in their stocks as well as their sales. Even though ads may not seem like a big thing, they matter a lot in terms of face value as well as market shares.

Given below are some of the interesting advertising statistics that may seem surprising to you but are true.

  1. Rumour has it almost as many as 77% of users of Twitter appreciate it when the companies or a brand respond to their tweet which can take up to as many as 10 hours. Although an average user thinks of getting a response somewhere in about 4 hours which is rarely seen to have been done. 
  2. On average, it may cost around 9 to 10,000 dollars per month if you are a small business owner and you are looking to use Google ads for their online brand advertising plan.
  3. An average user receives about 1700 ads every month of the year and to your amusement, only sees just about half of them which seems only reasonable.
  4. A survey done by the digital media teams of certain companies shows that the average budget of companies worldwide for advertising went up from 16 million to 31 million in 2 years.
  5. As many as 3/4th of the marketers are unable to take advantage of the behavioral data when it comes to targeting the audience with their brand ad.

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