Builder of AI customer support Forethought raises $9M in Series ‘A’

by megan jones in News on 7th December 2018

Forethought – founded to build AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems that help to boost the productivity of customer support by inserting Information retrieval to already existing workflows. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Forethought was founded by Deon Nicholas, Colm Doyle, and Sami Ghoche in 2017. Having AI-powered products which proactively embed appropriate information into daily workflows of employees, it empowers its users to be an expert and genius at the job. Agatha Answers – Its a Customer support product of Forethought that embeds along with existing helpdesks, boosting support Agent ticket by decreasing the time consumption for searching information.

Funds raised in Series ‘A’

Forethought has raised $9M in series A round led by a Global Venture capital firm New Enterprise associates which mainly invests in technology and healthcare as the lead investor along with few other investors like K9 ventures, Vlad Tenev, Alexa von Tobel, Village Global, Mathilde Collin. As stated by Deon Nicholas the CEO and co-founder of Forethought, these newly raised funds will be utilized to improve and make ts customer support service much stronger.

Advantages of using Agatha

Agatha is a customer support tool which helps in becoming a Genius. In order to increase agent productivity, Agatha suggests answers to support the tickets, and it even embeds directly to the help desk tools that are existing. Few helpdesk tools most commonly used are Salesforce, Front and Zendesk.

Faster: Agatha has the capability of increasing agent productivity and decreasing the time taken to resolve issues by applying the answers suggested by Agatha.
More Accurate: Agatha provides answers to the questions which are powered by the entire knowledge base. This results to increase in the first contact resolution.
More Delightful: By using Agatha, a lot of time can be saved. And with plenty of time, we can focus more on Customer delight and improve our quality.

How Agatha Works

Ticket Categorization:

Agatha AI not only just scans but also tags the customer inquiries automatically for easy routing.

Suggests Answers In-Context
The special feature of Agatha AI which distinguishes it from other customer support product is that it exactly understands the meaning of an inquiry and so the answers are suggested in common language which people use even to the unique and messy questions that are asked.

Powered by users Enterprise Knowledgebase
Answers are pulling from KB articles, past tickets, videos, Google Docs, and many other sources. And as the information keeps growing, Agatha refreshers automatically like that, there is no need to update the system again.

Embedded into the previous workflows
Agatha promises to be the most Non-Disruptive technology ever. Answers are always recommended in the sources like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Front help desks.


Since the use of AI in different fields has been increasing day by day, Forethought has come up with an innovative and at the right time to start and provide its users a customer support based on AI. Not only starting at the right moment but making it more feasible and instant is the main reason behind the success of Forethought. Still its in the version of expanding its services globally which makes Forethought much more popular and successful.


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