BUNCH – Startup of Group Video Chat App raises 3.8M$

by megan jones in News on 16th November 2018

Bunch is a Mobile Platform used for Live Video gaming through video chat co-founded by Selcuk Atli, Jason Liang, and Jordan Howlett in September 2017.With their Headquarters located at Bay Area, San Francisco. Bunch is the 1st group video chat App for  Live Mobile game using 27 Technologies actively. These technologies include SPF, Viewport Meta, iPhone/ Mobile compatible. It acts as group Facetime while playing games with friends. Selcuk Atli the co-founder and CEO of Bunch revealed that “The concept of group Video gaming by using LAN (local area network) Parties has inspired him to come up with an idea, where one need not have to carry their physical systems and sit close-by in single LAN network to play games in same room. ” This leads to think about the concept of playing in such a way, where one can be at their own place and still play with pals using an app that allows group video gaming.  Along with Playing, chatting and Bantering with friends is the additional fun in this process.

Investment through Seed Funding

Recently, on 15th November 2018  Buch has raised $3.8M funds through the seed round funding technique. It attracted main investors like London Venture partners, Streamlined Ventures, 500 Startups, North Zone, Beta works, Founders Fund. Of which London Venture partners is the lead investor which mainly focuses on Gaming Ecosystem.
 Previously on 5th September 2018 through Venture series, it has raised $200K where Betaworks is the investor which organized a Live Camp with six startups participating. So the overall total funding amount is $4M.

Working Process

As of now, Bunch is accessible only to the IOS Devices and the service for Android device is still in process. Once a user logins into the app, Friends who are in online and what games they are playing will be visible. In addition to this, there is also a feasibility to select the games where one can start. At a time Bunch allows a maximum of eight Pals to play at once in a group Video chat. It also Let us start playing games directly through iMessage with friends. Bunch offers developers more integrated and rich experience due to the presence of SDK (software development kit). Unlike Fortnite and Roblox, direct integrations are not required.

Games that are included In BUNCH App

The following Games such as
CHARADES – Guess and complete the word
MARS DASH – Race on the Mars Hills along with your Friends

New Addition – Recently it added all time Favourites – FLAPPY LIVES – Flap through the pipe along with friends.
Along with these Bunch also supports few third-party games. Bunch also supports many of the titles using Voice Chat “Secretly”. It Automatically unlocks the games with the emphasis on what the user has downloaded by the method of checking the Game catalog. If at all a downloaded game is not visible, then the user is free to inform at hello@bunch.live and then the support will be added to discover that particular game.
Though Bunch as has few close competitors such as Discord, It has its unique advantage. Unlike Discord which is mainly centered for Hardcore Gamers playing games on PCs, Bunch is more oriented towards creating a frictionless experience. So the main difference is in user experience and the targeted audience.


As the current generation is mostly tech-savvy and gadget-friendly, Bunch is progressing much in combining the interests and convenience of the users by introducing more innovative and attractive methods in video gaming platform. Through this strategy it’s attracting the younger generation i.e., GenZ gamers to opt Bunch to play video games along with their pals.

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