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by Josh Biggs in Tech on 3rd September 2020

In this article we are discussing some of the big Cisco Umbrella alternatives to take into account while searching for an alternate Cisco Umbrella. Each offers a comparable degree of security against web-based threats and equal content management capacities, but is accessible at lower rates than Cisco Umbrella. We stressed four rivals in Cisco Umbrella, who have established well performing web filtering devices that are regarded in several ways to be a direct swap for Cisco Umbrella.

Why DNS Filtering is essential?

It is worth describing why DNS filtering is so critical, and why it is now an integral part of the protection stack, before mentioning some of the major competitors of Cisco Umbrella. Hackers and other cyber criminals are finding more advanced methods to target SMBs and businesses and the nature of attacks is far more complex than they have in years. Whereas for many SMBs a firewall, spam philtre and antivirus were once adequate to keep networks secure, the threat scene nowadays needs extensive security from web-based attacks. Layered protection is a secret to holding hackers in place and the site philtre adds a major additional defense layer. DNS philtres and other web philtres are a semi permeable barrier to legal internet traffic, however restrict links to malicious and NSFW websites. A web philtre will avoid links to phishing pages, block malware for C2 callbacks and avoid malware and ransomware downloads. DNS philtres are used to review Web pages and ensure that the Internet access rules are not broken. Online filtering may also lead to limiting civil risk, growing efficiency and regulating bandwidth consumption. Your company would be targeted with web-based attacks without a data filtering solution.

How Much Does Cisco Umbrella Cost?

Cisco Umbrella costs $2.20 per device per month for a company of 100 customers in 2019. This is definitely a fair price, considering Cisco Umbrella’s degree of security, but Cisco Umbrella alternatives are accessible for part of the cost, offering an equal level of defense against web-based attacks, and allowing for better analysis of the types of material accessible to end users. You’ll pay $220 a month on Cisco Umbrella, which suggests $2,640 a year if you have 100 customers. If you equate it with a malware invasion, ransomware assault, data violation or phishing assault, the Cisco Umbrella price is fair.

Cisco Umbrella Alternative:

Here we have listed four Cisco Umbrella competitors that provide comparable solutions for SMBs and MSPs.

WebTitan Cloud from TitanHQ:

WebTitan Cloud is a 100% Cloud Web Filtering solution for MSBs and MSPs which support the market for SMBs. It is one of the most common website-specific Cisco Umbrella competition. Cloud Portal Filtering secure onsite and off-site staff from network threats – phishing, ransomware, malware, viruses, botnets … and allow access management to implement web-based policies. The answer is accessible every day in nearly 700 million URLs, 6 billion web pages in 200 real-time languages. Kaseya, Datto and TitanHQ are included in the system and have an outstanding MSP software.

ZScaler Internet Access:

ZScaler Internet Connectivity is a 100 percent cloud-based DNS filtering system for organizations that profit from a stable internet link, but are provided as a web filtering tool. The programmer offers robust security against on-site and mobile employees’ web-based attacks. The approach is to feed 60 + third-party security feeds via threat information. The Cloud Network provides a host of other encryption offerings from ZScaler.

Forcepoint Web Security Cloud:

Forcepoint Cyber Protection Platform, previously a Websense Site Server, is a cloud-based browser-based enterprise filtering system with Link filtration and intelligence threats to detect and prevent malware attacks. Knowledge of five billion events a day, from 155 nations, changes the system on a per-second basis at a pace of 3.2. The approach contains a range of web application philtres and protocols with granular information philtre philtres depending on the type.

Symantec Web Filter:

Symantec Web Filter is a cloud based web browser for enterprise customers, one of the major umbrella rivals and previously known as Blue Coat Web Browser. The solution offers security against web-based malware threats via URL filtering and anti-malware technologies against Symantec. The technology is regularly modified and delivers image monitoring and online content focused on the feedback of millions of consumers around the globe. The solution is driven by Symantec’s global information network data.

How do Users Rate WebTitan vs Cisco Umbrella?

Not all site philtre solutions provide the same degree of security and many struggle to fulfil user standards. With WebTitan Cloud, you can not only save a considerable amount of money but also conveniently set up, use and manage our DNS filtration solution. Moreover, you profit from industry-leading customer support whether you still have issues or require assistance. We’ll of course applaud WebTitan Cloud as we want to market our software, but most WebTitan customers support and love to use the app. This can be noticed on places like G2 Crowd. G2 Crowd is an unbiased enterprise tech analysis forum that administrators trust to provide details on the latest technological options on the market. The platform has more than 650,000 user reviews from validated users and provides you with insights into goods that let you know what they do as well as suppliers. Online filtering tools are tested to decide if they serve needs, ease of usage, and easiness to set up, ease of operation, service efficiency and ease of enterprise management. WebTitan Cloud is continuously in all grades greater than Cisco Umbrella Alternative.

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