Combine Study and Work: How to Catch Everything?

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 23rd September 2018

Some students are looking for a job to be able to continue studying, others dream of independence from their parents, the thirds want to prove to themselves own value, while the fourth strive to gain invaluable experience in the chosen field. But, as often happens, dreams are broken against the harsh reality of life. How to fully study with a busy schedule? At an initial glance, the combination of work and education will seem complex and unthinkable, but there are several options prepared by experts at that can cope with the task.

  1. Online Training

Distance learning allows you to use a flexible online training in accordance with your employment. It aids to preserve the current workplace, as well as to acquire new skills directly in the practical field. This kind of obtaining a profession requires less financial costs and greater independence. This can also be a plus factor for those who are in the field of business and marketing. A masters in marketing online can help them achieve the credentials they want while being able to network themselves online as well. Through online communication, you are able to maintain contacts with teachers and other learners.

A friendly relationship with classmates will assist to keep up to date with active student life. For instance, you may create a group in an instant messenger. Use it for exchanging university news, information on current handouts, useful data about studies, screenshots of abstracts, advice from each other, etc. In addition to online support, they will help to clarify your situation to an educator, softening his position.

You should approach each teacher personally. Explain to him/her that a good job has appeared where you can get valuable experience; you promise to give the lion’s share of your time to study because you perceive its importance. In conversation, be extremely polite, show all your sensitivity and seriousness.

A lot of tutors propose to prepare a report or a test paper instead of attending lectures. This is the best option than indefinitely to ask to leave work. Some skip lectures, but practice visits are compulsory. There are categorical personalities, sign up for an additional consultation, offer to practice, writing essay in an interesting way, make a presentation, etc.

  1. Part-Time Employment

Before you, there is one more way of simultaneous reception of the salary and experience. To date, numerous evening courses have been developed, covering the necessary disciplines; thus, you get an opportunity to combine all the useful things from both worlds. Amid the universities offering such programs are:

  • University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • University of Valparaiso, USA
  • University of Tasmania, Australia

Define priorities in work duties and in homework assignments, without which it is impossible to complete the course. Combine the lists and highlight the time required to complete each assignment. Carefully drawn up plan creates a sense of confidence that you are able to control the situation.

Not all activity involves a schedule from 9am till 6pm – there are a lot of variants for employment on a part-time basis, with flexible schedules or remotely. If the scheme of pairs allows, then it is realistic to succeed everywhere. You have to say goodbye to computer games, hanging on the Internet, watching TV programs, and phone chatter. Leave these cases on weekends.

Focusing on the minimum expenditure of time, you should choose a loyal scientific adviser in advance. Clarify your position, come upon infrequent personal consultations, and delivery of phased versions of the diploma by email.

  1. Campus

Some higher education institutions are introducing forms of additional financial support. A lot of students cover part of their own expenses by performing the assigned duties in the territory of the campus. The payment is minimal, but you can avoid transportation costs and concentrate on studying if you have all the resources.

In no case delay the surrender of tests and exams at the end of the semester or before retaking. For each test, you need to obtain admission, which consists of a number of accepted tasks, coursework, and laboratory papers. The sooner you finish the job, the more you will like the educator.

Keep in mind that a tutor will not adjust to your work schedule; he/she will make concessions in terms of attendance. Do not worry at the place because of the fact that you have not taught anything. Give yourself wholly to the functions that are now being done.

Remember that distance is a relative thing, but you need to try to choose a job that it can be reached by public transport without changes or by bicycle. If you take into account the infrastructure, you will save time, nerves, and effort.

  1. Good Practice

If you continue to work in a company where you take the summer practice, combine duties and study will be easier. Numerous enterprises are open to young professionals. It is significant that the experience gained during the practice will be assessed by the management, it will be simpler for you to get used to the inner processes.

It is hardly worth starting to work on the initial courses since knowledge still does not have much to labor in the specialty. If you work not by profession, you may completely lose interest in learning because of the money received. Another great alternative is the internship – it is essential to choose a program that corresponds to your future specialization. Unfortunately, not all internships are paid by the inviting party, part of the costs will have to be taken over.

  1. Own Business

Working in the office or in any other place with a clear daily schedule is not the only way to earn a living and develop your career. Years of study are suitable in order to try themselves in business. A lot of young people are frightened by such a prospect but do not necessarily start with the construction of a plant or IT giant. You may start in such business incubator under the auspices of universities. The dominant thing is the desire and readiness to be independent, a good idea, and partner with a fighting spirit.

In those moments when there are just too many problems, remind yourself why you began what you are doing at all. Whatever achievements and ambitions drive us forward, every person needs rest. Outstanding American journalist Sidney J. Harris said that the time to rest comes when you do not have time for it. Every second will aid to look at things from a different point of view, giving new strength and inspiration.

Thus, it is quite difficult to study and work in parallel. Sometimes you have to sacrifice communication with family, personal life, and entertainment but money, independence, self-confidence, and invaluable experience in the chosen sphere appear. Coming to an interview, you will earn yourself extra points because that one who works and educates simultaneously is perceived as a serious and self-sufficient person.

The question of combining learning and job does not imply a universal recipe applicable to all. However, there are various options, both with own planning of time as with the loyalty of employers; the latter are ready to propose terms of cooperation convenient to both parties. Finally, a considerable number of working students is an example of the fact that conducting a double game is possible. There would be a desire and a share of persistence.

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