Company Swag and the Best Ideas for It

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 16th January 2021

Not a lot of people know what company swag means. People may think company swag pertains to the flair your company gives off or how cool it seems to be; that’s not what it is, although flair and impression play an integral part of it. Company swag is the slang term for the freebies and giveaways that salespeople offer at tradeshows to entice attendees to check out their booth. It can also be a reward for your employees.

A swag is merchandise that carries a company’s brand. It is used as a promotional strategy, and it works in two ways — when people go to your booth because of the swag you offer and when people who got your swag to use them and their friends and relatives get to see them. This is why your company swag must be edgy, modern-looking, trendy, unique, memorable, durable, and essential.

You want something aesthetically pleasing, so your customer would be happy to use it and even flex it. It should be unique and memorable so people would remember and recognize the design embedded with your logo in the future. More so, when someone uses it, it sends a message that your brand has a good reputation since people would not be ashamed to bring it anywhere or be associated with it. A great swag should also be long-lasting and essential that people would see the benefit of using it. 

Here are some of the best ideas your employees and potential and existing customers would love:

  • Power banks

One of the essential items in everyone’s bag these days is how useful our mobile phones have become power banks. It’s something people will get to use every day anywhere. Print your logo in power banks and use them as a swag in a trade show; people would immediately run to your booth. However, you have to seize this moment, so these people become potential customers.

  • Tumblers

An affordable and essential swag you can provide is tumblers. These will be valuable for your customers to have when they go to gyms, hike, run, travel, or simply go to work. This will also be encouraging for people who advocate for sustainability and the banning of disposable water bottles.

  • Reusable straws

Similar to tumblers, reusable straws are also essential for people who practice a sustainable lifestyle. More so, this sends out a message that your company is socially responsible enough to have a swag that contributes to environmental justice.

  • Hats

Hats are incredibly versatile. Give your company swag hat a minimalist and relaxed look, and people will wear it any time, maybe even regularly.

  • Tote bags

Tote bags are great company swags. They’re trendy and useful for anyone since it’s excellent as laptop bags, fashionable bags, and eco-bags for your errands.

  • Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have become necessary to protect oneself from the virus, mainly because of the pandemic. Not only will you get to remind people of your brand continually, but you also send a message that you care for their health.

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