Competitive Pricing Guide

by Josh Biggs in Ecommerce, Finance on 10th September 2020

Competitive pricing is a method in which people utilize the best pricing for their products to get the advantage over competitors based on market competition. 

Types of pricing 

In terms of pricing strategies, there are three significant types of pricing which are commonly used all over the world by the world’s biggest retailers and consumers. 

  • Value-based pricing 

In value-based pricing, pricing is assumed by the worth of the product instead of competitors’ prices and competition.

  • Competitors based pricing

In competitor based pricing, all such kinds of pricing are involved in which retailers examine the competitors, and after whole monitoring and competition, they make pricing. 

  • Cost-plus pricing 

It is another mean of pricing in which pricing based on the goods is involved, and after this pricing, a mark up is also added to make this a cost-plus pricing. 

This whole technique is based on the competitor-based pricing system to drive more significant leads and better results. There are several ways to consider the entire process of competitive pricing, and one of the primary recipes of this system is as follows: 

Try to build pricing the same as your competitors

To stand out through a competitive advantage.It is a significant factor; when you are offering a lot of services and products in the same pricing with better quality, consumers will automatically lean towards your direction when it comes to buying products. It will result in increasing the return on investment, and your consumer base will be increased. Another critical factor is you underpriced your products in comparison with your competitors; your products be considered as spam or marked as predatory items. 

Transparency in pricing for stakeholders

You may note that your pricing strategy is based on your competitors’ pricing instead of your labeled pricing for products. One of the essential things that can leave an impact on competitive pricing guide is analyzing the information about your competitor’s work and also about the main specifications.

Process of competitive pricing 

Competitive pricing and its whole strategy is reforming day by day, so high-quality data must be provided to everyone for the sake of better analysis and optimizing system to make sure that they can procure the best outcomes. According to research, it has been analyzed that if 10% of data comes wrong, it can cause drastic effects leading to create thousands of wrong decisions.

How to market competitive pricing 

If we take a glimpse of 2020 marketing strategies and pricing personas, we will consider that the utilization of technology in terms of pricing is increasing to a great extent. It is helping thousands of people monitor their competitors through unique technology resources and such kind of stuff. Most of the people have analyzed that people likely to increase their budget on technology to compete with competitors in terms of pricing in the following 12 months. This will help these competitors gain a skyrocketing success in their business. Three major softwares are used by thousands of business people to monitor their rivals. 

  • Price tracking software
  • Price scraping software
  • Price crawling software

Advantages of competitive pricing 

Considering the importance of competitive pricing, it helps the business to sustain with the competitors and don’t let them lose their market share as a business are controlled with the help of competition. 

Competitive pricing us essential not only for businesses but for consumers as well who are going to get a final product after analyzing the prices of all the products. 

Competitive pricing helps the businesses to increase their pricing while observing the competitor’s pricing and the features they are offering. So while monitoring the rivals, competitors use to improve their pricing to get better value. 

Disadvantages of competitive pricing 

If you are running a small business with limited resources, then it is challenging for you to make a pricing competition with the bigger rivals who are administrating way bigger companies than yours. You will probably lose all your worth and business because of this pricing competition. Keeping track of prices is a very tough task for companies on a smaller scale because they will probably lose their business by competing with more prominent companies. 

Another disadvantage of utilizing competitive pricing is the risk of failure. There is a solid reason because when you try to build a pricing strategy, your competitors have already made this before you, and they are even bigger companies than your company; it is tough for you to sustain in such a rigorous atmosphere of competition.  


Considering the above mentioned, competitive pricing is a great approach to build a reputable pricing strategy. Still, most of the time, you need to be choosy while picking up the best prices while observing your competitors. You can increase the pricing as well if you are confident that your product is more premium than your competitors, and you deserve better pricing for your products.

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