Content Intelligence Platform ‘Knotch’ raises $20M in series B

by megan jones in News on 30th January 2019

Knotch is founded in the year 2012 by Anda Gansca and Stephanie Volftsun with its headquarters located in San Francisco, California, US. Knotch is an Independent supplier of real-time intelligence upon digital marketing. It contains intelligence platform which helps the CMOs and various teams to measure and influence the result of content efforts through real-time, Actionable Intelligence over all the content investment. The Intelligence Suite of Knotch for the Brands allows the marketers to hold a comparative, real-time view that can be trusted in Digital Marketing efforts and even among the partners and competitors.

Funding through Series ‘B’

Recently, in the Series B funding round led by a Venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates as the lead investor and other investors like Stanford-Startx fund (Startx) and xochi Birch, Knotch has raised $20M. As per Anda Gansca the co-founder and CEO of Knotch, the newly raised amount will be utilized to boost the innovation and expand the services by increasing the no.of customers. Till today Knotch has raised a total amount of $34.3M from various funding rounds.

Products of Knotch

Plan: The plan is to discover the formats, partners, and creative themes that deal with the audience through predictive and verified intelligence.
Measure: The measure is to understand the performance and impact of the content by understanding how the customers behave, engage, and feel with each piece of the content.
Optimize: Knotch optimizes the creative and distribution, power CRM and DMP platforms, and build Real-time strategies by collecting the data of the 1st party.
BenchMark: Knotch have a solidify criteria with very intelligent data which is used to measure the progress and success of an organization’s content investment.


Knotch collects the content performance data transparently and independently which is paired with critical consumer sentiment in real-time.
Features of Measurement

  • Comprehensive Overviews
    Knotch investigates and gathers complete data on themes, distribution channels, and content types that are working great and optimize the data in real-time.
  • Cross-Platform Comparisons
    Knotch compares the aggregate content analytics with paid partnerships and owned content hubs which are two different platforms altogether.
  • Holistic Audience and Performance Data
    Very high-level volume metrics are combined with attitudinal feedback, conversion and psychographic/demographic info, engagement in real-time with the help of Knotch.
  • Audience Awareness
    It provides clarity to the audience on the way the customers behave, feels with each other, and engage to the content.
  • Actionable Insights
    Knotch optimizes the build strategy, power CRM and DMP platforms, and enhanced segmentation round the audience feedback.

The BLUEPRINT of Knotch

Features of Blueprint-

  • In-Depth Examinations
    Knotch helps to explore and find content investments over publishers, industries, and brands with detailed and accurate information.
  • Competitive Analysis
    It publishes themes and cadence and brings awareness to the customers.
  • Partnership Matchmaking
    It provides identical partners to combine with and plan marketing strategies and new content.
  • Content Planning
    It identifies refine messaging and whitespace by accumulating inspiration from all the topmost content campaigns within the industry vertical.


Knotch plays a vital role in measurement and transparency of content with actionable and real-time intelligence of the CMOs and the teams of CMOs. With its measurement values, it provides the impact and solutions to the results of the company’s effort. With its plan and blueprint, Knotch has become the most trustable content marketing measurement and today, it is the most used market measurement among the companies.


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