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by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 6th January 2021

The key ingredient to a successful digital marketing campaign is killer content. It’s no secret content is the king that bridges the gap between your brand and consumers. Of course, this is why today every modern business has implemented either in-house or freelance content writers to enhance their marketing campaigns. At the same time, with the increase in demand for content, hiring content writers has become slightly expensive. In fact, it is also a painstaking process as vetting the right content writer requires time and effort. But again, that is all a past talk. ContentFuel has come into the picture to streamline your content marketing plans, making the world’s top writers available to you. Wondering what ContentFuel is, and how it helps you to automate your content? Well, let’s see that below. 

What is ContentFuel?

How does that feel if you get unlimited content writing every month for an affordable flat rate? Amazing, right? This is what exactly ContentFuel does! ContentFuel is an on-demand service that provides you high-quality content from top SEO writers for a flat monthly rate. The take here is you can get unlimited content writing.

Every business, no matter what the size and industry, has to invest in content marketing. Not just eCommerce businesses, but SEO agencies, marketers require content to grow their business. However, handling a content writing team is not an easy task, especially for small businesses and individuals as they will have many other important things on the plate. This is why you need ContentFuel.

ContentFuel lets you assign content writing to top SEO writers and helps you automate your content. The platform has the world’s top writers who are hired after a thorough vetting process. So, you can get your hands on high quality and SEO friendly content. The platform ensures faster writing, higher ranking and better results for a cheaper monthly rate. Their turnaround time is 48 to 72 hours.

How does ConteFuel work?

ContentFuel provides a user-friendly platform for its members to assign content and receive the draft. The content marketing process at ContentFuel can be explained in five simple steps. Here is how it works:

1. Submit content requests

As soon as you get started with ContentFuel, the platform lets you submit content requests of any number. The platform stores all the content requests in a queue and assigns you the right writer based on your niche. The writer then works on your requests one at a time.

2. Matches with a qualified writer

ContentFuel conducts a thorough vetting process to hire the top writers. Hence, you need not worry about the draft you are going to receive after 48 hours. The qualified writer will deliver the draft between 48 to 72 hours.

3. Communicate with your writer

Provide all the necessary information to your writer to avoid multiple change requests after the completion of the content. Answer all the questions of your writer to receive the content that meets your expectation.

4. Review & edit

Once you receive the draft, review it and suggest changes. Your writers would love it and provide you the exact copy that is in your mind if you provide correct feedback and suggestions.

5. Approve & Repeat

Done with the final revision? Satisfied with the final draft? Then approve it and upload it to your website or blog. Your writer will immediately look into the next content in the queue.

Why choose ContentFuel and who is it for?

High-quality content

Content marketing is all about promoting your brand through clean, simple and high-quality content. Your content and your design are two things that stand in front of your brand, therefore these two should never be compromised. Coming to ContentFuel, the writers on the platform know how to write engaging content that impresses both the readers and search engines. Hence, you can always expect greater engagement and higher ranks on Google. Great content brings more value to your business by driving more traffic and conversions.

High ranking content

Any business, no matter what the niche is, has been fighting tough competition on the web after SEO has come into existence. With ContentFuel writers by your side, you need not worry about such competition. Their writers are well trained in the latest SEO practices and guidelines. They provide easy to read and easy to rank content that every business wants.

Covers different content

The writers on the ContentFuel platform can provide you fresh and fun to read content for blogs, articles, email newsletters. They also provide a copy for infographics upon providing the visuals and themes. Additionally, ContentFuel also takes up blogging tasks and helps small businesses to focus on their core functions.

Who is ContentFuel for?

Now that you have seen the features of ContentFuel and why you should choose the service. Let’s get into who is ContentFuel for?

The service is designed for three types of users:

1. Small businesses

Small businesses that chose the right content marketing strategies and efficient writers have a long way to go. ContentFuel helps small businesses to focus on their key operations and marketing techniques by helping them automate their content.

2. SEO agencies

ContentFuel helps SEO agencies to automate their delivery of content to their client’s blogs with minimal effort. They can focus fully on boosting their client’s rank on Google by leaving the content work to ContentFuel.

3. Marketers

The platform provides marketers with high-quality scalable content to marketers to help them enhance their marketing results.


ContentFuel offers simple pricing plans that suit your content needs. It comes with three 3 plans:

1. Starter

  • The Starter plan costs $389/month.
  • It accepts 6-8 blog requests/month or up to 4000 words.

2. Professional

  • It costs $698/month.
  • It accepts 15-20 blog requests per month or up to 10,000 words.

3. Agency

  • The Agency plan costs $129/month.
  • It accepts 30-40 blog requests per month or up to 20,000 words.

Bottom Line

Businesses, marketers, and agencies need tons of content regularly to amplify their content marketing efforts. But handling a content writing team can be daunting as there are other important things to do. Moreover, small businesses or marketers and businesses running on a low budget can’t afford and handle SEO writers. However, fortunately, ContentFuel has made top writers available to small businesses and individuals to help them automate their content marketing and grow their business.

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