Custom Reusable Bags Greatly Benefit Our Planet and Your Brand

by Josh Biggs in Business on 27th August 2019

Custom reusable bags are not only great marketing tools but are also environmentally-friendly, helping to reduce non-biodegradable waste in our planet among other benefits. As promotional tools, they are effective in creating awareness of the brand without breaking the budget.

Here are some ways in which the custom reusable bags play a beneficial role for our planet and your brand:

Using recycled materials conserves the environment                

Making use of recycled materials to make your promotional materials, especially reusable custom bags, gives a new purpose to materials that would have become litter and prevents those items from getting into the waste stream. Additionally, the use of recycled materials to make reusable custom bags puts the waste material to good use and removes the need to manufacture new plastics for making bags. Of course, the material that would have been used to manufacture new plastic is used to make other things, reducing the pressure on scarce resources. Reusable custom bags for shopping also cut the need for single-use plastic bags and significantly minimises the negative impact of disposable plastic bags.

Inspiring customers and others to be environmentally conscious

Has your company stated that it will align its operations and all of its activities to promote green goals? Well, this is easier said than done. However, procuring eco-friendly custom reusable bags is a great yet easy way to show your clients and associates that you care for our planet. The very act of showing your customers, vendors, and other parties that even while you market your products or promote your brand, you remain true to your green initiatives, can encourage them to make similar choices and be mindful of the environment. Rocketbags can help your business in its efforts to promote its green goals and even with creating awareness of its brand or offerings through great deals on custom reusable bags.

Create awareness about your brand

The critical function of any promotional tool is to promote the brand or product of the business behind it. With custom reusable bags imprinted with your business logo and brand message, you can rest assured that current and prospective customers are made aware of your brand and their recognition for the brand is increased. Since a custom reusable bag lasts a long time, your customers or anyone else who may get the bags will always think about your brand whenever they reach for bags that are in your corporate colours and bear your company’s logo and branding message.

Increase exposure and act as an endorsement

Custom reusable bags are also carried everywhere, and this will mean that your customers and others with the bags will promote your brand, services, or products wherever they go or to whoever they meet with. The use of the bags is also a form of endorsement of the brand, thus when your customers are seen with the bags by their friends, families, and other people, those people develop a positive association with the brand.

Custom reusable bags may increase customer loyalty

The bags may be used as gifts to customers to pack the merchandise that they buy for them. Customers will tend to shop in stores that give them the bags, thus creating some level of loyalty. Even when the reusable bags are given at trade fairs or other events, customers will turn up at your stand to get them, and the bags will act as a token of appreciation for your client’s patronage, further strengthening the relationship between your business and them. Giving the bags to non-customers is also a good idea because they may become your customers as well as give more exposure to your brand when they carry the bags to various places.


Custom reusable bags do a lot for our environment by recycling material that would otherwise become litter, reducing pressure on scarce resources as fewer new materials are used, and minimise the negative effects of single-use disposable bags. For the brand, the bags create awareness, build loyalty to it, and endorse it to others, thus creating a positive association with the brand.


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