Deep web or dark web?

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 1st November 2022

Two terms that get thrown around a lot on the internet, are deep web and dark web. In many people’s mind, these two are the same thing, but this isn’t true. In this blog, we’ll diver deeper into the different web-levels, by explaining what they are and what they can do for you. Get informed!

Surface web

A term that doesn’t get used a lot, simply because it’s not really necessary to have a term for it. Surface web are all the web versions that are open and accessible for anyone. This automatically make surface web the most popular web-level, as the internet is mostly part of it. Surface web is very popular and therefor has a lot of chances to benefit for every company. Try creating a unique online marketing strategy and the surface web is yours!

Deep web

When you ask the definition of deep web to anyone, they most likely immediately think of illegal activities. This isn’t true: it’s pretty likely that you use the deep web on a regular basis. The deep web is anything online where you need to pay for to have access to. Examples of deep web places are private forums, research papers and databanks. All these things can be found on the internet, but require a payment. They are 100% legal and therefor able to use for anyone. The deep web is interesting, because you gain a lot of information from here that you won’t find everywhere, but that can be very meaningful for your own research.

Dark web

So, the dark web is where the illegal activities happen, right? Well, no, not really. The dark web is different from the other web-levels, because there’s no access to this over the internet: it’s its own network. Where the government or other instances can trace your internet behavior using your IP-address, the dark web doesn’t allow them to do this. This creates anonymity, which is also why people associate the dark web with illegal activities. Where these activities can’t take place on the surface- and deep web, they could take place on the dark web.
This means the dark web could be a dangerous place, but this danger can also be turned in a favor for your company. By using a dark web monitoring service, you scan the dark web and check if anything dangerous for your company is about to happen. You’re now able to protect yourself, defending yourself from anything to happen.

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