Different Types of Online Marketing

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 17th September 2020

Online marketing is the science and art of selling products and offering services through online platforms or phone networks. The art involves finding the right mix of strategies to get your target market’s attention, turning it into sales. On the other hand, science is the analysis and research used to choose what methods to use and calculate the success of these strategies. 

With that being said, online marketing can be very complicated for inexperienced individuals. If you are looking for an effective way to market your business, talk to a reliable online marketing agency to know your options. 

Online marketing has different types with different approaches that you can use depending on your business. Below are the different types of online marketing to help you determine what’s best for your business. 

Online advertising 

Online advertising opportunities come in many types. A common type of online advertising is using banners. These are the ads that are embedded on web pages on the internet. 

Other options are in everything from interstitial to text ads. Interstitials are the online advertisement that appears as a web page that shows up before or after the content page you expect. It shows up as you page through web content. Moreover, some social media providers, like Facebook, are offering advertising platforms. 

Social media 

Social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter are some of the best places to do online marketing. However, if you are going to use social media, you need to start a good discussion. Moreover, you need to be actively participating in the discussion instead of just posting advertisements for your products and services. 

Email marketing 

This will require you to have a subscriber email list of possible customers interested in what you are offering. This type of online marketing is a very effective way if you want to get in touch with your prospects directly.  

Moreover, this will help you keep your customers updated with the latest news, special offers, and upcoming events. This will also let you send out newsletters and custom products and services specifically made for the customer’s needs. 

Search engine 

Online marketing includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEO helps your website get higher ranking in the search engine results page when a prospect enters keywords related to your business.  

You don’t need to pay the search engine if you are going to use SEO. On the other hand, SEM is a paid search marketing service in which you need to pay a fee every time a search engine like Google shows your ad when a user searched using one of your keywords. 

SEM provides excellent feedback when it comes to the efficacy of advertising. These statistics include the click-through-rate. This is the number of times the advertisement has been clicked against the number of views. 


Creating a business blog is another way to interact with your customers and keep them updated with your services or products. It can be used to give advice and receive useful feedback. MIcroblogs are blog’s subsets. It consists typically of text updates sent via instant messaging, Twitter, or email. 

Online presence is important 

Online marketing has become famous for all types of small businesses. Local traditional businesses used to ignore the power of internet marketing in the past. For them, online marketing doesn’t make sense when you are doing your business locally.  

However, with the gradual increase of local search and people’s new way of using the internet, online marketing becomes essential. All businesses must add some digital campaigns in their marketing strategy. 

Building your online reputation is also essential, aside from online marketing, even if you do not do business online. Modern customers always check online reviews before deciding to buy, making customer service and reputation for quality very important.  

Unsatisfied customers are likely to write reviews more than satisfied ones, so having a good reputation and many positive reviews is crucial to business success in the modern digital world. 

These are the various types of online marketing that you should consider if you plan to start a business. If you are unsure where to start, you may consult a good online marketing agency to understand the best approach for your business. 

While doing online marketing looks easy, you must understand that most processes are complicated to execute, especially if you don’t experience it. Allowing the online marketing experts with years of experience to do the job will give you the best results while saving you more time and money.

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