Dooozen Lead Generation Tool to Simplify Your Acquisition Process

by Josh Biggs in Software on 27th August 2020

Dooozen is an advanced and efficient LinkedIn automation tool that will help you make the most of this social network. In this article. you’ll find a brief overview of Dooozen’s main features and advantages.

LinkedIn contains a breathtaking amount of valuable information. People use this network to find new jobs, hire talented employees, attract new customers, promote their goods and services… Processing all that extensive data manually would take too much time and effort, that’s why the most rationally thinking users apply LinkedIn automation tools. A vivid example of such tools is Dooozen: a multifunctional service with an intuitive interface that will help you systematize your networking, enhance your sales, analyze your statistics, and perform many other meaningful tasks. In this review, you will find a brief overview of Dooozen’s functionality, its advantages and capabilities, as well as recommendations on how to make the most of this tool.

List of Features

The primary target audience of Dooozen are salespeople, recruiters, and influencers. However, nearly any active LinkedIn user will be able to make good use of this tool. This service offers the following main features:

  • Automatization of networking and messaging
  • Managing your network of contents
  • Tracking the story of your LinkedIn activities
  • Improving your sales tactics based on the unbiased statistics

With the help of Dooozen campaign master, you can auto-connect people and auto-message the first degree connections. Later on, you can send follow-ups to these recipients. The master will let you create campaigns that contain sequences of actions, manage multiple campaigns simultaneously, and track their status. Also, you’ll be able to connect and message only Premium users, as well as auto-cancel invitations either as a part of a campaign or a separate function.

We all know that personalized messages strike a chord with the recipients much better than generalized templates. That’s why Dooozen allows you to insert the name of the person in each message. There is a smart limitation as well: to avoid overspamming, you can send a maximum of 150 connection requests and 100 messages daily. However, when you are getting started, you should probably go with fewer numbers first. Like this, your account won’t end up being blocked or restricted by LinkedIn.

The network management function allows you to export contacts from this social network, check your recent exports, filter your contacts based on their recent activities. The Sales Navigator will help you to work with your contacts and implement the Auto InMails function. When you decide to launch a new campaign, you won’t need to get back to LinkedIn each time — you can search and filter the existing connections right from your Dooozen account.

For each campaign, detailed statistics will be accumulated that includes the insightful reply-rate tracking data. After analyzing the efficiency of your sales campaigns, you’ll improve your sales techniques to attract new customers, increase your brand awareness, and maximize your income.

On, there is a useful Blog section. There, the team publishes informative articles that will help you enhance your LinkedIn productivity. The blog covers such topics as the difference between LinkedIn Search and Sales Navigator, the pros and cons of blogging on LinkedIn, InMail tips, or advice on generating more leads on LinkedIn. New posts are added regularly to keep you informed about the most urgent issues of the sphere.

You can use Dooozen either as an online solution or a Chrome extension. If you have a Google account, you can sign into the system literally with one click. Before you become a full-fledged member, you can enjoy a 14-day trial period. You will appreciate the general feel-good mood of this service that chose a lovely dog as its mascot.

Why You Should Use Dooozen

In addition to a broad functionality, there are a few more arguments that should convince you to give Dooozen a try:

  • The tool saves you plenty of time and effort. It remembers all your activities on LinkedIn, so you won’t need to repeat them manually. This helps you to avoid mistakes caused by the human factor.
  • The design is sleek and the navigation is highly comprehensible. This service is a visual pleasure, and your eyes won’t get tired when working with it.
  • It’s safe as long as you remain polite and respectful. If you don’t start spamming deliberately, you and your contacts will have the most enjoyable Dooozen experience.

There are quite a few LinkedIn automation tools on the market. Yet Dooozen managed to absorb their strongest aspects and deliver an intelligent system that caters to the vastest audience possible. It doesn’t matter which sphere you come from and how large is the scale of your business — with Dooozen, you’ll have everything covered.

Ambitious Plans

Dooozen is constantly evolving and improving. For the foreseeable future, the team behind the project has the following plans:

  • Build APIs to integrate Dooozen smoothly with other marketing tools
  • Develop diverse innovative features — first of all, the one that will enable users to manage multiple accounts
  • Integrate an AI that will recognize texts and mine texts with the aim of making messaging and prospecting even smarter

If you have any questions regarding the already existing or upcoming functionality of Dooozen, you can always get in touch with its friendly and competent support team. To contact them, please visit the corresponding page of In case you feel that an important feature is missing or the already existing functionality can be improved in some way, you can always suggest it to the team. They will be glad to know your thoughts, to provide you with feedback, and to take your ideas into account when working on the product.


As you see, Dooozen is an efficient and user-friendly service that will considerably expand your LinkedIn potential. It offers all the functions that you subconsciously expected from LinkedIn but that are sadly not embedded in this popular network. It successfully combines the features of multiple services: for messaging, for exporting and filtering contacts, for keeping track of your recent activities, for analyzing the statistics and building productive strategies. Feel free to join Dooozen right now to get some hands-on experience and decide in which way this service can be helpful for you personally!

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