DottedSign- A Tool to Simplify Your Documents Signing Process

by Josh Biggs in Software on 7th January 2021

In the era of life when innovative technologies make a way into almost every business or industry, keeping up with the latest trends is one of the best ways to be successful. Innovations make a lot of business-related things easier, save time, increase productivity, and boost the bottom-line. And these are the things/goals any business struggles to achieve to stand out among competitors. In this modern world if you often have a hard time signing important documents, then it is the right time to invest in an  tool. DottedSign is a premium e-Signature solution to sign documents online and to manage & assign your official documents for signatures. 

DottedSign- Sign Documents Online with Ease

 is the leading software in the e-sign industry that works perfectly on iOS, Android, and Web browsers. It allows you to sign documents in a secure, safe, quick, and legally-enforceable way. It simplifies your document management process and keeps you moving efficiently without missing an important document that needs to be signed. Just import required documents, put your signatures, assign signers, and track documents by using any device like Smartphone, tablet, or desktop. DottedSign also comes with a smart authentication and validation method to provide you with a secure and safe signing process. 

Reasons you Should Choose DottedSign

If you really want to enjoy the freedom to sign your documents online across different devices and operating systems, DottedSign is here to help. Below is a list of wonderful features that set this eSign tool apart from the competition.

Import documents with ease

Whether you are using DottedSign on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet to , you can easily import digital documents to this amazing e-sign tool to create electronic signatures. It allows you to import documents with the camera of your device, from phone’s library, cloud services, or other apps, to get them signed instantly.

Once done, you can conveniently put signatures on the given space or assigned field. Ease of use sets DottedSign apart from the competitors.

Bring your entire team to a place

With the Business Plan offered by DottedSign, you can bring your entire team to a place. Moreover, you can also assign roles, manage documents, and track signing request more efficiently in Admin Console. As an executive role, leader, or supervisor, you can efficiently manage your entire team in one place to increase productivity and eliminate unnecessary delays. 

Automatic notifications and reminders

If you often deal with confidential and time-sensitive personal or business documents, DottedSign enables you to set auto-reminders, expiry dates, and send personalized messages to signers so they can go through the signing process more efficiently. It allows you to set expirations for the assigned documents so they can automatically expire if not signed. It ensures greater document security and keeps your important documents in safe hands.  

Sign Up for a Free Trial to Sign Documents Securely from Anywhere

DottedSign is committed to provide both individuals and organizations to sign their important documents securely without facing barriers of time and location. It could be a great e-signature solution for remote companies too. Whether you are self-employed or a company looking for a reliable electronic signature solution, sign up right now for a free trial and see how it can take your business productivity to a whole new level.

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