EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:How to Recover Formatted Video Files

by Josh Biggs in Software on 2nd November 2020

On the off chance that you have to bring your lost or erased records back resurrected, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has your back. 

Its an obvious fact, records on your PC can be eaten up and erased in streak in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re doing. It very well may be totally unplanned for the accomplished client as well, and lamentably, notwithstanding in case you’re a master or a fledgling, those records are away for acceptable. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Software For Pc

Which is the reason it’s essential to dole out a few bucks on a data recovery software for pc. As of late, I found the opportunity to mess with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Basically, it’s a free program accessible for Windows and Mac that offers clients an answer for accepting and support up lost information from a PC, PC or some other removable gadget. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard basically works with any gadget. Regardless of whether it be an old PC or Mac, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers reinforcement answers for all, with no separation. 

With regards to recuperating information, the program catches your OS information recuperation in two choices: From your gadget (your PC), or in the event that the gadget isn’t promptly accessible, from a removable gadget, for example, a USB drive, memory card, or even a cell phone. 

To recuperate information from your cell phone, just dispatch the product on your Mac or PC and associate your gadget through a USB link. From here, the product does its enchantment and outputs your gadget, which can ordinarily take a couple of moments to finish. 

Erased Video Recovery 

One of the most requesting, however troublesome assignments in Windows 10 Operating System is the erased video recovery measure. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard doesn’t accompany an inbuilt choice to look for just video. Actually, there must be a few explicit indexes that we as a whole love to spare our pictures. Thus, it must be anything but difficult to indicate the envelope and recuperate every single lost record. Here is the erased photograph recuperation instructional exercise for Windows 10. 

Stage 1. Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select the area or gadget where you erased video. Click “Scan” to scan and locate the missing video. 


Stage 2. After the Scan, pick “video” in the “Filter” drop-down menu. Double-tap on discovered video and see them on the sprung up window. 


Stage 3. Select the video that you need to restore. Click “Recover” to spare discovered video to another safe area on your PC or outer stockpiling gadget instead of the first spot.



EaseUS Data Recovery Pro for Windows is a skilled information recuperation suite that aced practically the entirety of our presentation tests, while leaving an insignificant effect on our framework when the recuperation cycle was running. 

Its plan is much more insignificant than we’re utilized to and there could totally be more arrangement alternatives to fiddle around with before you run an output, however because of its heavenly client care and additional highlights like picture sees and Image Recognizer, we actually think EaseUS merits the expense of passage in spite of a portion of its more evident inadequacies.

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