Epic Games and Improbable raises $25M fund to help the developers move to ‘More Open Engines’

by megan jones in Tips on 16th January 2019

Epic Games

Epic Games is founded in the year 1991 with its headquarters located in Cary, North Carolina by Tim Sweeney. The games designed in Epic games are Unreal, Fortnite, Shadow Complex, The Infinity Blade Series, and Gears of war. The unreal engine technology of Epic games offers a very high fidelity interactive practices for consoles, PCs, RA, RV, Mobile Devices, and the Web. Epic Games provides Unreal Engine for free on the website unrealengine.com


Improbable was found in the year 2012 in London by Herman Narula, Peter Lipka, and Rob Whitehead. It has designed a Massive-Scale Spatial Simulation Technology to provide help in solving beforehand intractable problems. In entertainment and gaming, the simulation technology enables the developers in creating more richer, immersive, and persistent virtual worlds. The cloud-based platform, SpatialOS, Runtime for Games, solve various traditional production and technical challenges that are linked to creating online Multiplayer Games. Today Improbable has 300 plus employees in London, North America, and China.

Purpose of Improbable

The main focus of Improbable is to create a Virtual World as lasting, meaningful, and rich as Physical World so that it gives human experience to its users. This human experience is a seismic shift which is called as Multiversal Self. Building an entirely new world is creating fulfillment and opportunity through vocations, new experiences, societies, and economies. Games will always play a crucial role in facilitating the virtual and physical worlds by connecting people to new communities and incredible moments. The purpose of Multiversal self is to increase the effectiveness of operating, discovering, and building multiplayer games tremendously.


Improbable along with Epic games has raised total funding of $25M which will be utilized to help the gaming developers move towards to “More Open Engines”. This crucial step will give acceleration and boundary-less workspace for the gaming developers to create more user-friendly and attractive games.

SpatialOS for Games

SpatialOS is the Cloud Platform for Real-Time Multiplayer games which are built with any type of Game Engine.

Advantages of SpatialOS

Multiplayer Game: SpatialOS can be used for any type of game where the players interact with each other in real time, including the session-based games and Persistent Worlds. Session-based games are the games where the matches begin and finish during one single play session. These games can be played among any number of players from 2 to 10000’s in a single Instance.

Game Engine: SpatialOS is used to integrate with any game engine using GDKs and SDKs. It has integrations for Unreal engine and Unity and Community Integrations with Cryengine.
Cross Platform: By using SpatialOS, we can develop games for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Android, and iOS which are Cross-Platform.
Team Size: Developer teams of any size can use SpatialOS anywhere in the world.
Onboarding available: The developers are not required to have expert Knowledge in networking or computing. Bespoke on-boarding is also available to help with the concepts which are specific to SpatialOS.
Port your Game: By using SpatialOS, Users can port few in-development games which makes it easier to add New Designs to the games and also to iterate faster. So a game need not be started from scratch after making any changes. Users can continue to play from the current level itself.


Epic Games and Improbable has come up with various technologies to create many virtual games which give the users the experience of Physical world. All the virtual games created has Unreal games with complete real-time features that provide the best gaming experience to its users.

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