Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 30th December 2020

Many small businesses start their marketing campaigns online. It’s the best way they can get the most with the little funds they have. With the right strategy, you can do the same with your business. Here are the best ways you can digitally market your small business.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a form of marketing that relies on creative and unconventional tactics to get your business’ message on the internet’s front page. It’s a kind of marketing that is low budget, low risk, and high reward if done right. The best part of this kind of marketing is that you can do it anywhere at any time, making it good for small businesses wanting to get a piece of the bigger pie.

The main key to guerilla marketing is knowing what your target audience wants. You need to walk in their shoes and envision what they look into their daily lives. This requires a lot of research and patience. But once you know what they want, you can control them with a simple but thought-provoking ad. A guerilla marketing ad is one that capable of growing in people’s minds. 

Some guerilla marketing relies on the shock factor. This is called viral marketing. This kind of marketing relies on making something fast but relatable to all kinds of people. It’s best when it’s about something that is in line with the current times. However, it’s important to take caution when using this kind of marketing stunt because it can bring more harm than good. It can backfire and put your business in a negative light. But when done right, people will know about your business overnight with minimal cost or effort placed into it. 

Content Marketing

Much like guerilla marketing, content marketing can help promote your business with little to no cost. Content marketing is a type of marketing strategy that relies on consistently producing online content. This may be in the form of blogs, videos, or educational content.

Content marketing relies on giving your audience information and teaching them more about certain topics they look into the internet. It helps to create leads and tells your consumers what your business is all about. It also relies on creating engaging content that can keep them entertained for some time. 

The easiest way to start content marketing is by starting a blog on your website. This blog can be about anything and does not necessarily have to relate to your business. Next is that you start enticing your audience with expertly-written content and videos. If you don’t have the workforce for this, you can ask others to do this for you. This is called guest blogging.

Right after you get your audience through your blog, you can hook them with various content marketing tactics such as gated content, content upgrades, and more. However, if you don’t want to earn anything from your blog and only want it to promote your business, you can always choose to redirect them to your website’s main page. This eventually drives organic traffic, which is healthy for your website’s standings. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is simple, but its execution is complex. It relies on a lot of hidden statistics that you can’t see on screen. But if you give enough patience and dedication to it, it’ll pay you back. 

To start with this type of marketing, you’ll have to invest in an analytics program. There are a lot of free analytics programs that you can start with. Next, you’re going to have to post a lot. Posting something across all of your business’ social media pages is the best way to track what content your consumers like to see. It will also help you identify which social media page you should concentrate on the most. 

After looking into the first quarter’s statistics, you can then identify which platform your consumers use the most, what content they enjoy, and what they expect from your business. From there, all you have to start to do is to stay consistent with your posts and keep them engage with your content. 

These marketing strategies can help your small business increase its client-base without spending too much funds on marketing. However, if your business can’t process these clients on time, you’ll start losing them. That’s why a robust system that onboards clients fast and efficiently can be a good complement to these strategies.

The moment you bring clients into your business and discuss them about your platform is the moment you start truly working with them. So the onboarding process must be simple but ideal, much like the ads you used to get them here in the first place.

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