Etiquette in Сommunication with Foreign Colleagues and Partners

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 7th February 2020

Having managed to place a person at your disposal, you will achieve much more than just formal, not personally toned contact.

However, positive emotions and positive attitude, which makes you a desired companion and partner, should be dosed, based on the rules of business communication etiquette.

Hosting foreign guests

Knowing the rules of international etiquette will make it easier for you to “translate” in negotiations with foreign partners.

The reception of a foreign delegation requires particularly careful preparation. It must begin within two or three weeks. Two programs should be drawn up. One is common, for guests. The second one, detailed, with the elaboration of all technical issues – for the host. If the delegation includes the wife of the guest and her companions, a separate program of stay should be developed for this group. Not only business events are taken into account, but also the leisure time of the guests.

Each country has its own rules, and before meeting with a foreign delegation, you should read them in more detail.

Traditions of hospitality provide different signs of attention. You can offer your guests a cultural program by providing a car with a driver or find a hotel here that provides such services.

How to meet guests

Guests should be picked up at the airport by an appropriate head of delegation. He usually arrives accompanied by two or three people.

The purpose of the visit is to get to know the company.

The head of the host company may not accompany guests during all trips.

We present ourselves correctly.

The head of the host country is the first to be presented. He then represents the companion, followed by the staff member (in descending order).

Seeking the delegation off at the hotel

Break up with your guests not in the street, but in the lobby. It’s also the place to arrange a protocol visit.

Think of ways to get your guests in cars so that everything goes smoothly.

The most honorable place is the rear seat of the driver. It is occupied by the head of the guest delegation. He gets in the car first and gets out first.

If the head of the welcoming party comes to drive a private car, the place of honour for the guest is next to him.

Courtesy standards assume that the door is opened in front of the head of the delegation. This is done by the driver, guard or employee, but by no means a woman.

The manager must meet and guide the delegation and then welcome it to the official reception.

If there are ladies in the delegation, they are greeted with flowers.

It is important. There is a silent rule (not categorical, but desirable) – if the guest comes with his wife, the host manager also comes to the first meeting accompanied by his wife.

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