Features of Apple iPhone XR that You Can Use for Vlogging

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 12th September 2021

Apple iPhone XR is a great device for vlogging because of its number of features. These features include the Face ID, which makes unlocking your phone easier, and new Animoji and Memojis that make it so much more fun to record videos for social media or share with family and friends. The A12 Bionic chip allows you to take amazing pictures in low light conditions, while the Smart HDR function can turn any photo into an eye-catching masterpiece.

You also have access to augmented reality games like ARKit 2.0 and the Measure app to measure objects using Augmented Reality technology. That’s not all – iPhone XR has six different colors available, making it easier to find the right one for your style and personality. Below are more awesome features you can use for vlogging on Apple iPhone XR:

1) Camera

With the iPhone XR, you can take high-quality pictures with your phone no matter where you are. The camera on this device is amazing because of its Portrait mode and Smart HDR technology that combine to bring out all of the details in a photo. You also have access to different filters like Mono, Noir, and Slomo, which can help draw attention to your picture and videos.

2) Autofocus

Your videos will look professional and clear because of the autofocus feature in iPhone XR. This means that your camera will automatically adjust to make sure everything is always perfectly sharp and blurry-free, no matter what kind of shot you are taking.

3) 4k Video Recording

With Vlogging becoming more popular on social media, it’s become more important that people create high-quality videos for their channels. Thanks to the 4k video recording on iPhone XR, you can create professional-looking videos for your vlog or Instagram.

4) Slow-Motion Video Recording

Another feature that makes Apple iPhone XR a great choice for vlogging is the slow-motion video recording feature. Thanks to this function, you can capture the moments that happen so quickly in your daily life!

5) 12MP FaceTime HD Camera

This amazing camera on iPhone XR will allow you to take high-quality selfies and videos for your social media or vlogs without having to hire a team of professional photographers. With this camera, you can also create stunning portraits and group shots for your Instagram and other social media accounts!

6) Portrait Lighting Effects

When taking pictures, you can now choose from various light effects that will help you make the photo look more professional. If you are looking to take a selfie for Instagram, it’s a great idea to play around with the filters on this phone so that you can create the perfect shot.

7) Panoramic Picture Mode

If you are trying to capture a beautiful landscape or city scene for your vlog, this feature will make it much easier. By taking multiple pictures at once, you can create an ultra-wide panoramic picture that is really easy to share with friends and family – no editing needed!

8) Animoji

This new feature on iPhone XR allows you to send animated emoji that look and move like you! With this feature, you can create funny videos that are sure to get lots of attention on social media or have fun recording a message for a friend who is out of town.


The iPhone XR is a great choice for vlogging. It has so many features that are perfect for bloggers like you who want to create professional videos without spending too much money on expensive gear or editing software.

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