Five Benefits of using Icon Effects in Website

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 19th October 2019

The modern digital world provides many ways to convey branding or brand personality; one of the many ways is by using icons. Icons not only help in portraying a brand name but also represent some slogans or messages or offer special services. With the use of simple drawings and graphics, an icon can be easily remembered and can also serve as a communication tool rather than lengthy articles or contents.

It is needless to say that whether a company or business is large or not, it is already racing against some other business in the global competition. In order to let people know about a business product or service, having a well-maintained website is a must in this digital world. There is no other better way than using icons to save space on the company’s website and having brand recognition at the same time.

However, creating an icon or having icon effects on a website is not a simple task. While creating icons, the icons must be attractive enough to grab the visitor’s attention. Moreover, the visitor also has to get the point which the icon/s is portraying. Some factors like shades or colors of an icon, the theme or color of the background, the necessity of animation are needed to be considered before having that desired icon effects on a website.

For getting an instant view of how the changes happen over icon designs, types, colors, background, animation.

One can change or start using icon effects on the websites for many reasons; here in this article, the top five reasons are listed.

Building Your Website’s Brand Value

It is quite evident that rather than remembering an entire content, it is easy to remember icons or animated icon effects. The graphic user interface has been introduced for the same reason. Icon is a smart choice to convey a strong message about your brand. Icons are easy to get and turns out more communicative. Customers visiting your website would love the experience, and that would automatically increase your brand value.

Conveying message

Rather than making your website look dull and boring by writing about the services you offer, it is more convenient to use drawings or animation to grab the customer’s attention. This will not only help your website look more attractive but also can save customer’s time.

Interesting things are easy to remember

As it is mentioned earlier that people tend to remember interesting things. If the icon effects are enough to draw people’s attention, then they will remember your brand or company’s details. Large companies use the same trick to interact with their customers.

Space Constraint

Smartphones have taken over the entire civilization; almost everyone is online through their phones. As the screens of the mobiles are smaller than laptops or pc, there will be space constraints for a company’s content or message. The icon effects come to the rescue in such a situation. One can demonstrate their company’s services through simple drawings, which will save space and be informative at the same time.

Change is needed

Yes, Change is the only constant. Today’s trend is not going to last forever. The whole digital world is changing every day and coming with new upgrades. The large corporate companies also change their icons and slogans to be in the news. The same thing applies to your business too. Don’t stick around with the traditional process; explore and embrace something new to stay firm in the global market.


Feedbacks are a great way to understand the customers’ needs. It is possible that being a terrific successful business person; you might not know everything about the icon effects. So, don’t hesitate to ask your colleagues, partners, even the customers about the same and get feedback from them. If you are already using icon effects on your website but not getting the expected results in return, then go for upgrading or changing the effects. Upgrading the icon effects can bring out the desired interactive user experience on your website.

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