Five Compelling Reasons To Study Social Work

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 8th December 2021

Social work is less of a job and more of a calling that involves helping and supporting people struggling through life. It usually involves assisting less privileged people in their work or home life, working on strategies to improve socio-economic conditions, and providing support through social organizations. As a social worker, you’ll closely work with people from all walks of life and help them navigate medical, personal, financial, and social crises.

Obtaining an education in social work can help aspirants upskill. It can also provide students with the platform to kickstart their careers. So, should you study a social work major? The answer is yes. And here’s why.

It provides you with a gateway to numerous career opportunities

Social work is versatile. It offers interested students and professionals numerous job opportunities. After all, people who want to become social work have one aim in mind; helping those in need. And there are many ways you can do that. You can opt for careers related to healthcare, such as counseling, caregiving, etc. And you can also join non-healthcare careers in education, law enforcement, government, policymaking, etc.

You can also pursue a handful of internships and part-time jobs to get a feel of the scope of the work. Part-time employment will help you choose a niche that interests you. Moreover, suppose you intend to pursue higher education. In that case, you can use the flexible nature of the job to enroll in an online course or Master’s in Social Work to hone your skills and knowledge. An MSW online will help you create a flexible learning schedule to manage professional goals and gather relevant work experience. It will also open doors for more gratifying careers.

It will help you create a positive impact

After studying social work, you’ll learn to understand every person’s unique needs. From those battling substance addiction to children experiencing abuse, you’ll help troubled people build better coping mechanisms, thereby improving their quality of life.

Studying social work empowers you to make a positive difference in society. Yet, at the same time, it helps you remain mindful of how quickly a person’s quality of life can change for the worse. So, with formal education, you will learn how to balance both sides of the scale. Not only will you be designing plans to help people improve their lives. But you’ll also be responsible for taking measures to ensure sustained change.

You’ll experience excellent personal development

When you’re on the journey to help the world and leave a positive mark by advocating, supporting, empowering, and educating others, you will become a better version of yourself. For instance, while working as a case manager for a victim of abuse, you will refine your values, question your beliefs, and remove all biases during the healing process. Self-reflection leads to personal development, which will make you better at what you do, i.e., helping others to promote them “be strong be healthy”.

Therefore, working as a social worker will help you evolve into a more socially aware and responsible person. You will nurture more positive qualities in yourself, such as gratitude, optimism, determination, and happiness, along with a burning passion for removing suffering from the lives of people.

It will help you gain transferable skills

When you study social work, you will obtain a valuable skillset every employer appreciates. Most transferable soft skills are valued in any job role. You will develop time management skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, and other soft skills. As a result, you will become an excellent social worker and help clients get the services they’re entitled to.

Furthermore, honing your interpersonal skills will help you obtain insights into the backgrounds of a diverse, widespread client base. These skills will enable you to help clients with their social and personal problems and work in any profession you desire. Given the amount of work you will have on your plate as a social worker, these skills will also help you remain organized.

It will help you apply your core values to your profession

Many students dive into a particular career because their core values and principles align with the responsibilities of their chosen job. Most social workers are also inspired by their experiences, which fuel a desire to help people.  An education in social work will help you realize what you stand for and what you think your purpose in life is. You can then use this realization to transfer your values into your work.


An education in social work empowers students and professionals to support and advocate for underprivileged people of society. It helps future social workers fine-tune their knowledge and skills to assist people in challenging medical, social, financial, and emotional crises. The outcome is a healthier and happier community. The job might require you to work at both the macro and micro levels inside and outside of your home country to resolve socio-economic issues. What’s more, you will have to work on the frontlines and get involved in the thick of the action regardless of its intensity. So, if the reasons mentioned above are compelling enough, consider opting for this subject as your major.

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