Five Ways an Email Checker Will Improve Your Email List

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 8th July 2019

So, you still haven’t decided whether to hire an email checker to clean your email list? If making a decision seems difficult, I’m here to give you a hand and help you get a more clear understanding of what this software can do. Read on to learn how an email checker works, how exactly it improves your email list and why using one is key to getting better email marketing results.

How does an email checker work?

An email checker performs an in-depth analysis of your email list to determine how much of your data has to be removed. Then, it proceeds to doing just that: once it spots the bad email addresses you’ve collected, it eliminates them. The process takes between a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the size on your database.

But what kind of email addresses does an email checker remove from your list? Also, why is it so important to weed them out? Let’s answer those questions!

Invalid email addresses – an email checker will spot them right away

If your bounce rate doesn’t look too good, you may have a good number of invalid addresses in your list. Maybe some of them are misspelled. Or perhaps some of your subscribers changed their jobs and their contact information. Keep emailing those addresses, and you’ll get bounces. On the other hand, use an email checker and see them disappear.

Abuse emails – avoid people who label you as Spam

Are you getting Spam complaints regularly? Then you have to clean your email list, because those complaints are hurting your sender reputation – and deliverability – as we speak. A good email checker, like ZeroBounce, identifies users who complain about Spam and isolates them from your list. Once you know who those people are, you can stop emailing them.

Disposable emails – why keep useless contacts in your email list?

Another reason your bounce rate may be high is that your email list acquired disposable email addresses. Also known as temporary emails, they auto-destroy after a certain amount of time, leaving you with a bunch of useless contacts. An email checker has the right methodology to pick out disposable emails and get rid of them.

Spam traps – risky to your sender reputation

They look just like genuine email addresses, but they’re not. Spam traps are actually an effective spam prevention method. Their purpose is to attract spam senders and block them, so you wouldn’t want to be in that position. Although spam traps are hard to verify, a complex email checker will be able to remove most of them from your email list.

Role-based emails – does anyone really check them?

You see them evrywhere, as organizations use them all the time. Email addresses such as info@, sales@ or contact@ can end up on your list, but that doesn’t mean they support your email marketing in any way. Usually, they receive a lot of spam and they tend to be managed by a team of people. Since no one really pays attention to these emails, it’s best to let an email checker eliminate them from your list.

Why it’s important to use an email checker

Now that you’ve seen how an email checker improves your email list, let’s see why it’s so important to use such a system. Your sender reputation means everything in email marketing. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) look at it as a guide to decide the destination of your emails: the inbox, the spam folder, or the trash.

That’s right – your emails can end up in ISPs’ trash if you use a messy email list. Sending campaigns to invalid or abuse emails and spam traps is a sure way to taint your reputation. On the other hand, by hiring an email checker, you ensure you keep good email hygiene, so your emails go to the inbox.

As a result, you’ll see a number of benefits:

  • higher open and click-through rates
  • a more solid connection with your subscribers
  • better conversions and a higher email marketing ROI.

Finding a reliable email checker is easy. As email marketing has grown so much, so has the email verification industry. Look for a service that offers you all the advantages above, and your email list quality will give you a nice competitive edge.


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