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by Josh Biggs in Tech on 16th May 2019

Social media! whether you approve it or not is rising to evolve in every industry’s marketing game. From the entertainment industry to giant corporate restaurants everyone is showing their face on a Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Each of social media platforms provides its unique ways of creating content, that is customer-centric interactions and winning the hearts of their users.

To beat the competition of businesses social media is also changing every day. Novel ideas are continuously being generated and various social media marketing trends are taking shape. With these trends in place, every company is taking umpteen measures to have their share of the cake.

What is Fotor?

User-friendly, robust and globally accessible Fotor is a graphic design and online photo editing tool with more than 300 million users globally. Use this platform to create an Instagram post, Facebook cover or a photo collage. However, there are more to it. These are only a few graphics options available.

Fotor is a great tool for editing photos. You can download it for free. You can use it on Mac, windows and through mobile App. This platform is easy, You just need to upload and start editing on your own. There are various filter choices that can be used conveniently. The favourite feature available is “focus feature”. It lets you select an area in your photo and opt for the focal point and include a blurred object as background as you wish. It’s effective when you have a product image and simply want to apply effects.

Fotor comes with a package of single-click filters to enhance your images based on the circumstances in which they are taken. For instance, sunset, artificial lighting, portrait, theatre, and landscape.

Are you looking for faster edits? Then, the online version is more sufficient. Are in need of conversion support? Simply grab a desktop application and customize it. Fotor also provides few nifty functionalities like HSL adjustments, lens correction, defogging and more.


This is the most wanted choices for photographers. Editing is everything that you do with the image. Opening an image to working on the dit features and retouching the work. With the edits to go on the wheels, there are four options you can opt for

  • 1-Tap enhancer
  • Crop
  • Straighten
  • Background Remover

With 1-tap enhancer, make all the enhancements with a click and work on colour and exposure compensation on your image at the same time.  After doing, you will be astounded to see the output.

Want to crop the image to the desired size you want! Fotor offers free online photo cropper tool to modify and crop any image without any further complications. You can crop the image to the preferred size-Width and height. Select from 9 pre-sets dimensions that include basic ratios, square, and mobile screen sizes. You can now comfortably crop the photos to fit media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook etc.


There are 19 pre-set sizes of templates embedded with Fotor. This area ranges from posts, banner ads, cards, posters and more. You can opt for poster making with the greatest tools available. Create a picture-perfect graphic design with an excellent Fotor.

There are various themes that suit each and every occasion. Your posts on social media can stand out with Fotor’s graphics.

Comfortably design your banner ads and boost your business.

Do you want any themes for your special events? Fotor is your option. Design it for your special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, festivals, and many more. With Fotor, you name it and they have it.  

Photo montage can add some spice and transforms your photos into truly inspiring and creative effects. By utilizing your PC and Fotor’s montage, you can be a professional designer.


You now know that Fotor is fierce and easily used photo editor online. One of its important features is creating a collage that ranges from classic, funky, artistic and photo stitching. It is quite popular across various industries.

There are 100’s of collage templates offering various styles available for free online.  Create your personal picture collages with Fotor.

You can choose and modify your photo grids, and add more cells on the picture. To increase your photo collage adjust the effects, borders and even add some creative stickers. Just drag and drop your photos and create wonderful shapes. It’s that simple.

Want to Flip your photos into vertical or horizontal! Use Photo stitching tool and alter it the exact way you want. Even stitch multiple photos together and adjust the colour of your border. Stitching picture has never been this easy.


Create that marvellous eye-catching blog title to attract the attention span of the users by using different templates. There are templates for every need. With less than a few clicks, create a blog banner and allure the users. Select the templates that suit your content, blog title and create a blog poster within no time.

With numerous outstanding layouts and templates, poster maker in Fotor, tailor-make your posters and display the essential messages for all events alluring people immediately. Unleash your creativity and share your messages in a fraction of minutes. They are wonderful posters for every category like Thanksgiving, Business, Marketing, Fashion, Travel, Music, Mother’s day, and any specific festival or holiday.

Maximize your views on YouTube with killer templates. Using advanced specifications and tools Just provide the Size of the YouTube channel and convey a series of elements and get the YouTube banner effortlessly.

The templates are accessible not only for the above you can get for every social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. You can even get the templates for your business cards, Etsy banner, Flyer, photo cards, invitation, label and what not. Everything is at one’s disposal.


Fotor provides basic plan freely for its Windows and online versions. Upgrade to Fotor and experience the amazing features at $39.99 USD per year or $8.99 USD per month.

The main difference between the plans is exclusive effects for photos, presence of any ads, advanced HDR tech, any portrait touch-up tools and more.

To the closure

Fotor is a designing and photo editing tool that is installed on Mac, windows or on your smartphones for Android or iOS users. It enables users to create collages, design graphics and edit photos for social media presence and other content projects. Edit any HDR images and retouch portraits.

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