Fotor Review – Why It Is the Best Online Photo Editor and Design Maker

by Josh Biggs in Software on 3rd March 2021

Smartphones have changed the way people take pictures. Don’t you agree? Phones with high-quality cameras have become a common occurrence. People can now click beautiful photos from anywhere at any time. Be it beautiful scenery or a fun selfie with friends, good quality photos are just seconds away. How important do you think photos are for brands? Highly important. Images are more effective compared to words. This doesn’t mean that content is not important but adding high-quality images to your unique content will benefit their brand. Be it a small business or large, images on their website will drive traffic. 

Not only the website, but images are also quite important for social media too. The fastest and most effective way to improve social media following is by posting quality content (images) consistently. Having an online photo editor by your side will help you in editing your pictures according to your liking. Most of the time pictures are not perfect, they need small tweaks here and there to make them perfect. But finding a photo editor that understands your needs and requirements can be quite tricky. If you’re also looking for a photo editor online to make your photo editing simpler then you’re at the right place. Fotor is one of the best online Photo Editor and Design Maker that makes editing photos quite simple. Wanna know more about this tool, stick till the end of this article. 

What Is Fotor?

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Fotor is an online photo editor that provides users with all the features that make photo editing simple and easy. Another interesting thing about this photo editor is that it is available as photo editing software too. All you need is an internet connection and within a few clicks, you can edit a photo or create a beautiful design from scratch. Apart from editing the photos, users can also create interesting designs on Fotor. There are thousands of professional-looking design templates that are designed by their talented designers. With these preset templates, you can easily create interesting designs with a few clicks. From Youtube banner ads to Posters you can design anything and everything here. Along with these templates, this platform also comes with other handy features and tools that will help you in making cool designs. Now that you have understood the premise of this tool. You must be curious about the features of this tool. 

Photo Editing & Collage

As you already know Fotor is famous for Photo editing. You can imagine the amazing features it will offer you. It is specially designed to bring powerful digital editing to users. Fotor has all the basic features you need to make your photos better along with some unique exquisite features. 

Some of its basic features include resize, rotate & straighten, background remover, resize, 1tap enhance. Along with these, there are other unique features like effects and filters. It offers effects and filters like AI photo effects, funky effects, lomo effects, photo effects, blur effects, cool effects. Apart from that Fotor is also providing you with stickers, photo frames, colour splash, text, tilt-shift and mosaic tools. 

If you want to express more than one emotion then you need more than one picture. If there is more than one image that you want to fit in a frame then creating a collage will work perfectly for you. Fotor is just right for you to create collages. From Funky Collage, photo stitching to Collage maker it is offering different collage features. Combining both photo maker and editor features along with collage maker will help you in creating excellent photo edits.  


As you already know, for a good picture lighting is crucial. Different levels of light exposure usually make pictures more beautiful. HDR photography utilises light exposure to make pictures better. It brings out greater details and deeper colours. Simply put, the quality of your pictures will increase. Wondering why HDR photography is being discussed? Well, Fotor uses the HDR algorithm to create high-quality images. Now you must have understood the secret behind the quality of pictures in Fotor. The HDR tech will bring life to your pictures. You can check this by uploading three pictures i.e., normal, low and high exposure of light. And you will see the magic Fotor will bring to this picture. It will bring out the colours and lighting of your pictures.

Beauty Retouching

If you think you can only edit images or create designs with this tool then you’re in for a shock. With this online photo editing software or online photo editor, you can beautify your pictures too. You will be looking your best with the beauty retouching features that Fotor offers. With the photo retouching kit, you can maximize your photo to fit your CV. Retouching your face is simpler with Fotor. It offers effects such as blemish remover, red-eye remover, wrinkle remover, teeth whitener and photo reshaping. As you see, you can use these effects along with other features to edit stunning photos. 

Presentation Designs

If you’re still using PowerPoint to create presentations then it is time you switch to Fotor’s Presentation software. It comes with well-designed templates that will match your presentation requirements. And the best part is that you dont require designing skills to create excellent presentations. Their free presentation design templates are suitable for all types of businesses and students. 

More Tools to Create Amazing Designs

Most people prefer Fotor to create designs. As it is a renowned fact that Fotor is a fantastic design maker. It goes the extra mile to provide users with tools and features that will make a difference to their designs. Some of such tools are image shape, pretty stickers, Fonts and more designing tools. It provides you with different shapes of designs. Setting your images in these designs is quite simple. All you have to do is drag and drop. Fotor also provides its users with countless pretty stickers such as clip arts, shapes and icons in a wide range of styles and themes. Along with that, you will also get access to hundreds of different styles of fonts that will match your designs. Dig deep and find fonts that match your designs perfectly. Lastly, you must know about the design tools such as align, transparency, colour picker, etc that help you in making good designs. 

Is Fotor Yay or Nay?

There is no doubt that Fotor is one of the best online photo editors. It offers various tools and features that will enhance your photos. Along with photo editing, you can also create designs on this software. It provides users with countless templates that can be used to make their desired designs. This software is available for both Windows and Mac. Apart from that, it is available for browsers and mobile devices too. Cool, right? All you need is a stable internet connection and you can edit your photos and create intriguing designs. If you’re a beginner and wondering how to edit or create using this tool. No worries! They have hundreds of tutorials that will help you in understanding the process. If you’re a business owner or an individual looking for an online photo editor and design maker with both basic and unique features then Fotor is right up your alley.


The basic version of this software is free. So you will get access to limited features. But if you want to unleash the full potential of Fotor then upgrade to the pro version. Sign in with your email or Facebook. 

Fotor Pro- $39.99/year

Fotor Review

Hope you have found this Fotor review helpful. You can use the mobile version, software or browser version to edit your photos. If you are sceptical to upgrading to the Pro version, check out their free version and if it is right for your design requirements, then you can upgrade to Fotor Pro. Use Fotor to make editing photos and creating designs easy.

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