Get Involved in Tech Businesses Without Coding

by Josh Biggs in Business on 11th September 2020

Tech businesses are some of the most exciting and innovative places to work. They are on the cutting edge, developing the technology that will define our futures. Plus, they are well known as being great places to work, with tech company bosses spending a lot of time creating office environments that keep their staff happy and bring out the best in them. 

Suppose you are someone who looks at a page of code and immediately gets a headache, fear not! You can make a great career within the tech field without having to become a computer whizz.

Architectural Design

Tech companies want great office spaces, and that’s unlikely to change. So, if you’re going to get involved in tech and you are a creative person with a good eye for design and good attention to detail, then the architectural design could be a good career option. 

Architects earn a median salary of $79,380, with the best paid 25% of architects being paid over $100,000 per year. It’s predicted that the architecture field will grow 8% by 2028 and that architects who focus on sustainable design, in particular, will be able to carve out a lucrative career for themselves.

The New School of Architecture and Design is now offering their architectural design degree entirely online, making it accessible if you have other commitments that would make attending college in person difficult.


Tech companies are generally creating innovative new products that are going to be used in other industries. So, if you are an expert in your field, consider getting on the tech wave by making sure that you get involved with tech innovations in your area.

Find out if there are any tech innovations which will impact your field, for example, is AI being developed to take some of the more routine tasks on? If so, you could offer your services as an expert consultant for those projects and help to make sure that your specialist knowledge backs them.


The tech industry is growing fast, and any growth means recruitment. Tech companies employ recruiters to help them to seek out the best talent to help their business. 

Working in recruiting for tech, you’ll need to utilize a blend of interpersonal skills and a strong predilection for research. After all, a lot of the jobs that are being recruited for now in tech didn’t even exist five years ago! You’ll need to keep on top of advances in the industry, and problem-solve to place candidates with the right skills in their roles.

Product Marketing

Ultimately, any new tech product will need to be bought by someone, and that means marketing. If you are a marketing professional, then you could steer your career in the direction of tech by:

  • Researching the industry and getting yourself up to speed with the latest technologies and who will be buying them.
  • Identify the problems that tech companies have with marketing, and how you can solve them.
  • Start reaching out to people in tech to build a network.
  • Pay attention to the existing strategies of tech companies. What do you think is effective, and what is not so effective? Use this information when you are developing your strategy.

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