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Getting Noticed on Social Media: A Guide for Startups

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 29th July 2020

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are ideal for startups trying to build a brand and promote their product or service to their target customers. The biggest attraction for many new businesses is that it does not cost money to share content or to interact with customers, and you can often reach a specific demographic of people. However, because social media can be a useful free marketing tool, it is clogged up with lots of businesses trying to steal the limelight for themselves. With so many businesses publishing content on an hourly basis, you need to find a way to differentiate your brand from the competition.

While the classic blog post will always be critical in a content marketing strategy, here are some alternative content formats which might help you get your startup noticed.


When scrolling through their social media feed, a lot of people do not stop to read the majority of the text they see. At best, they will skim read, taking in key points of information, but in most instances, the text will be missed. Consider using images to break up the text and catch their eye. It could be an image with an inspiring message, a funny cartoon, or a photograph of a company event or ‘behind the scenes’ at your company premises. The key is to make sure that the imagery connects with your brand and suits the image you are trying to portray. 


While infographics are a type of imagery, they are worth a category on their own. Infographics communicate data and information in a fun and easy to understand format which works brilliantly on social media. They get straight to the point, and the best will get shared again and again. 


One of the most successful forms of modern marketing is the promotional video. Videos can range from simple screencasts over a product, animated sequences, and product demonstrations to high production value films that introduce your team or tell the story of the brand. When done well, video can speak to customers like no other form of marketing and are often shared widely via social media. Use A Wing Visuals to improve your the necessary things you need to know when hiring a video production company in Denver.

Informational ‘How-to’ guides

While it is true that ‘how-to’ guides are a type of blog post, they can frame important information about your brand, expertise, and product and are ideal for attracting links from other websites. If you can create content which positions you as an authority on a topic, others will refer to your content and send more visitors and followers your way. 

It goes without saying that informational videos are long and draw a lot of engagement. If data form social media platforms are to be believed, long form content and videos works great in terms of higher engagement numbers. This is why you should concentrate on videos on Facebook, IGTV and YouTube. You can also work with a reputable and credible social media marketing agency that can help you get igtv likes.

Polls and surveys

It is important to remember that social media enables you not only to publish information but also to listen to your customers. Now and again, it is a good idea to ask your audience what they think about a topic or your product. You could ask how your product has been used by your customers or ask them to share photos/videos of themselves using it. Polls and surveys on topics that are relevant to your business are also useful because they encourage engagement and give you data you can turn into a unique piece of content. 

Case studies and testimonials

If you have positive reviews, testimonials, and case studies that prove the value of your product or service, social media is the ideal place to share them. The more recent they are, the better, as people are more likely to take notice of a review which was left last week than one from months or years ago. You could also publish recommendations or positive reviews from influencers in your industry.

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