Getting ready for JEE? Five ways how you can use this lockdown effectively

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 13th April 2020

Joint Entrance Examination Main or JEE Mains April Exam 2020 was to be held from the 5th of April to the 11th of April. However, owing to the nation-wide lockdown brought forth to contain the spread of coronavirus disease, the National Testing Agency has postponed the JEE Mains until further notice.

Under a different situation, the decision would have been welcomed by the aspirants with greater enthusiasm. Nonetheless, the prevalent threats of the new coronavirus infection, the monotony of home confinement and lack of quality study resources have dampened the spirits of the students.

Regardless, the best way to beat the blues of this lockdown would be to use it in one’s favour. In case you are wondering, “How am I supposed to turn this situation in my favour?”

Don’t worry. We have got your back!

We have put together some pro tips that will help you to make the most of your home confinement and will prove beneficial by Vedantu JEE Mains Exam preparation expert group.

5 Pro tips to ace this lockdown

The entire medical community has been busy in developing an effective coronavirus vaccine, as the number of confirmed cases quickly approaches the 500000-mark. Until then, it is important to adhere to the protocol of lockdown and the practice of hygiene.

That being said, here are a few tips for you to keep calm during the lockdown and use the time to benefit your JEE Mains preparation!

Formulate a time table

Develop a systematic approach towards studies by chalking out an all-inclusive study time table. Make it an effective study plan by allotting substantial time to cover each of the topics in detail. Also, set aside a fixed time for revision and solving sample papers each day to benefit the overall study plan.

However, ensure that the study routine you intend to craft is feasible and can be followed smoothly.  Additionally, set your study sessions into comfortable hours and schedule it at times when there is least distraction or activity around you. Further, to make your study sessions more fruitful, choose a space that is organised and free from unwarranted distractions.

Additionally, give due importance to revising important concepts and practice the same on a regular basis. It would not just help you to clarify your doubts and confusions but would also help you to strengthen your basics significantly.

Notably, your NCERT Maths, Physics and Chemistry books would play a significant role in your JEE Mains exam preparation. Since at least 60% of the engineering entrance exam is based on the fundamental concepts, NCERT books would come in handy in jumpstarting your preparation. Hence, include your NCERT books into your revision plan to polish your basics effectively. 

Solve questions and revise

Use this lockdown to solve question papers as much as possible. Include solving sample papers, previous years’ question papers and mock test papers into your study regime.

By doing so, you would benefit your engineering entrance exam in these following ways –

  1. It will help you to become familiar with the question format.
  2. Help to gain a better idea about the important topics.
  3. Offer valuable insight into weightage distribution.
  4. Facilitate a better approach to answering different questions.
  5. Boost confidence and facilitates time management.

Additionally, develop a practice of noting down important questions and concepts that you find challenging. While at it, identify the portions where you are struggling or need a thorough revision to answer questions based on them accurately.

Also, jot down essential tables, formulas and equations to make revision more productive and organised. Such a practice would come in handy next time you revise the topics and would allow you to pay closer attention to them.

Resort to online learning

The best way to create a holistic learning experience and access the best quality study resources is by switching to online learning. The live online classes would help you to break the monotony of the confinement and studying alone while making the overall experience quite unique and interesting. Also, the refreshing alternative would enable you to get your doubts cleared regarding any concept or associated topic during the session right away.

For example, Vedantu App offers students the benefit of all these and much more and fosters an effective learning environment at the same time. Also, the study materials and revision notes formulated by our expert professionals serve as valuable resources to improve the quality of one’s exam preparation.

However, to make the most of online learning programmes, you must be disciplined and develop a systematic approach to incorporate it with the study routine you have prepared. For instance, be proactive during the lectures and partake in lively discussions to benefit your understanding and to clarify your doubts. During the live classes, make sure to jot down the vital points and take them into account during your next revision. You may also save the live online classes and replay them later to benefit your study regime significantly.

Focus on your health and hygiene

Health is wealth – this is especially applicable amidst the scare of coronavirus disease and the burgeoning pressure of JEE Mains.

To ensure your overall well-being, you need to prioritise your health and hygiene now more than ever.  To begin with, ensure that you follow the recommendations suggested by the World Health Organisation and practice self-isolation and physical hygiene until the threat regarding the coronavirus infection subsides.

Here are a few safety tips against COVID-19 –

  1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. You may also use a hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of minimum 60% if you find it to be inconvenient during your study sessions.
  2. Keep tissue paper in handy and use it to cover your nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing. Make sure to throw away used tissue paper as soon as you use them.
  3. Put on a mask, if you have a cough and a runny nose and avoid close contact with older people in the family. Similarly, avoid direct contact with family members who are sick.
  4. Disinfect often touched surfaces frequently to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

Additionally, find a way to boost your immunity and relax your mind as both physical and mental health is vital for ensuring overall well-being. Eat a balanced diet and indulge in frequent physical activities like freehand exercise, yoga or aerobics to benefit both your body and mind. You may also consider having dark chocolate between your study breaks as it is believed to increase retention power. Also, it is known to improve mood, hence, may prove quite effective in combating the blues of confinement.

Pursue a new hobby or interest

Before you go, “Who has time for all this?” – It is important to understand the value of taking a break. Timely breaks not just refresh your mind but also benefit your concentration power. Instead of cramming your brain with long study sessions, take short breaks to enhance your productivity. Indulge in relaxing activities like playing a musical instrument, watering plants, meditation or listening to music.

You may also hone your hobbies or read a book for a while or simply play indoor games with your family. Such activities would serve as a much-required break for your brain and would provide a fresh wave of energy in you to resume your studies.

Bonus: If you still seem to be too overwhelmed with the current situation, make sure to talk to a close friend or a trusted elder. Talking to like-minded people or loved ones would provide comfort and will help you to rationalise your fears regarding the prevailing situation. In turn, it would help you to focus on your JEE Mains exam more efficiently and will allow you to concentrate better on your free live online classes at our learning portal.

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