Half Double Methodology – Are you ready for the future of Project Management?

by Josh Biggs in Business on 31st January 2022

Project management is an ongoing, ever-changing aspect of business. It’s always been considered an optional task by some and a critical element of any team by others. The truth is, it’s become one of the most important roles in any business and can often be the difference between success and failure. If you want to have the success you desire, you need to learn how to manage projects.

Why is it that despite the importance of so many projects, only one-third of them actually reach their goals? We’ve investigated why so many vital projects fail and how we can improve the odds of success.

The Half Double Institute, based in Denmark, is there to provide guidance to organizations on how to manage projects more effectively. The Institute has spent time speaking with academics, industry experts and multiple businesses to develop a rounded approach that focuses on finding better ways of managing projects and actually getting results from day one. As a result of the dedicated work, initial results suggest that using the Half Double method can increase the chances of a project’s success from 30% to a minimum of 70%, depending on the project. 

Three main principles

The methodology is designed to take into account all of the unpredictability and complexity of how people work. It focuses on three core principles: impact, flow, and leadership. This helps ensure that projects succeed. Projects which don’t take into account the complexity of how people work will fail, but when they do they do so because they are focused on the wrong things.

Impact: The Half Double approach takes a step back from the project and looks at the impact the project will have on the business as a whole. It looks at the intended goal and how this will impact the business’s success. By looking at the larger picture and encouraging team members to do the same, the project won’t get lost in an isolated bubble; It will remain connected to the rest of the business. This is crucial for success. 

Flow: Another critical focus of the methodology is to look at the flow of the project. Is it very start-stop? Do team members receive the feedback they need in order to move forwards? What is holding a project up? Which existing processes are hindering the project? To ensure a project is able to move along smoothly, all these things need to be analysed. Traditional processes might need re-evaluating to make sure they are actually helping the project.

Leadership: By using the Half Double methodology, there remains a strong focus on project management and leadership. Team members may be working on individual parts of the project with their own agendas, and as the project progresses, it may change. There must be a leader who can adapt and take a flexible approach through the storm of uncertainty. The slight shift in leadership style means the people involved in the project are placed at the forefront. This allows the leader to get the most out of everyone and keep everyone on task. People aren’t perfect, and a project leader must prepare for imperfection.  

Engaging with the Institute

The Institute has a flexible and adaptable approach that can be used to meet different businesses and sectors. Using the Half-Double framework, the team of experts builds a custom, personalized approach to guarantee results. Each project and each team is unique. Therefore, each needs a unique system that has been adapted to suit the situation.

The team of experts will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. They’ll throw away old processes and introduce new ways of doing things. They’ll also show you practical steps to make sure your projects are delivered on time and within budget, as well as helping you become more efficient.

The Institute is dedicated to helping more and more businesses adopt its new way of thinking, and so can also help you show you how to scale up your approach for more extensive future projects. They provide you with a framework and structure that you can use across your business and in the future to keep the motivation going forward.

Are you ready for the future?

Companies need to evolve in order to survive in today’s fast-paced economy. In fact, most businesses do not have the flexibility to continue growing and improving without making changes. In order to take advantage of these changes, businesses must make sure they are using the right practices.

The Half Double approach places greater emphasis on people rather than the processes. By focusing on the people, it is future proofed and can stay up to date without needing to become obsolete. As long as you have talented people, Half Double will ensure that you are always able to produce quality results time after time.

Working with the Institute will help you think differently and will give you the tools you need to succeed in today’s business climate. 

Business is ever-changing, and to face the future, you need to adopt an approach that will allow you to embrace uncertainty and be flexible in the face of change. Half Double offers you the chance to invest in your business’s future and prepare for growth and success. 

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