Here’s My Secret Sauce For Success with Social Videos

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 17th June 2021

Is it viral yet? 


Surely you must be doing something wrong with your videos.

Going viral is the foremost objective of all social video marketing campaigns. But the question is, how will your video become viral? Well, you have to give your 100% effort while creating it. Also, you have to choose the best video maker. Selecting the best video maker is the very first step for the success of your social videos. Click here to be successful in your very first step of creating the social videos. Guess what? It’s an online video maker. 

Social media feed is full of video content instead of text and images. As a result, videos are more likely to go viral. And brands can convey their message effectively to a vast audience.

In this article, I will share my secret sauce for success with social videos with you.

So, let’s get started!

Social Platform Algorithms:

As per certain algorithms, 8 out of 10 users prefer video content over other content formats. Online media users are head over videos. This specific type of content is more effective, more engaging, and enjoyable than other traditional forms of media.

According to a recent survey, 80% of content marketers agreed that videos published on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have directly impacted their client’s business. You can create compelling, inspiring, and actionable videos with Promo’s many online tools. 

Use The Best Online Video Maker

The most important thing for the success of social videos is to use the best online video maker. For this, you don’t have to buy expensive software. You can even use a free online video maker depending on your needs. The online video maker you use must have various pre-defined templates, easy trimming and cutting process, the best video export quality, and different text options.

Experiment with the various templates available in your editing tool of choice and create the best engaging video for your social media.

Focus On Engagement

When you’re creating videos for social media, your primary goal should be engagement. While making an engaging video, you should consider an audience that doesn’t know about your brand and who is on the first stage of your sales funnel. An interesting video with a message works well on social media. You can create fun, informative, and exciting content that will drive the desire for your audience to become a customer and increase brand loyalty. Along with engagement, you should also focus on the conversation rate of your video.

Keep Your Video Short And Sweet

Don’t exaggerate your video’s length. Highlight the advantages or purpose of videos in the starting 15 seconds. This is partly to do with the idea that online viewers have short attention spans. Anything longer than one minute and the viewer is unlikely to finish watching, therefore missing your climactic call-to-action. You can create exciting and engaging videos with the help of an online video maker.

However, our principal reason for keeping videos short is the rewatch factor. Someone viewing content repeatedly is a fast track to brand loyalty, and that’s more likely to happen if the video is highly engaging and short.

Do It Often

Discipline yourself with consistency. The milestone of reaching a certain amount of followers on any social platform didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it was a cumulative increase that resulted from posting new video content consistently. 

This happens because people are faced with an infinite choice of videos to watch. Overall, People prioritize entertainment over everything else. So, choose the best video editor to speed up your editing time to accomplish such things. The more consistently you do this, the more loyal your followers will be. Thus, to increase your followers, be consistent with your video uploading time. 

Final Words On Online Video Maker

Social media and video are the best combinations. You can follow my secret sauce mentioned above for the success of social videos. Your videos will work well with this guidance. Each social media platform has a vast audience. You have to choose the platform as per your business and type of audience.

Just be sure that the video content aims to target the audience relevant to you. Also, to get more fans who love and share your video content. 

We hope you got the complete information about the social video’s success. Are you still having doubts? Write it down in the comment section below. We will try to solve it.


  • Is it necessary to upload videos on all social media platforms?

No, it’s not necessary. You have to choose the social media platform according to your business and audience. For example, to attract youngsters, you can opt for Instagram.

2. Is free to create videos?

Yes, is a free online video maker to use and create engaging videos.

3. How can we increase views on youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms?

You should focus on engagement, length of video, consistency, storyline, and promotions to increase your video views on any social media platforms.

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