How a Surveillance System Can Help with Fleet Management

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 29th November 2019

Fleet solutions are dynamic for many reasons. The main aim is to incorporate solutions that will improve efficiency and productivity, ease operations and reduce costs as much as possible. If you take vehicle surveillance, for instance, it increases the profit margin of a fleet company through improved productivity and then reduces costs by monitoring driver behavior.

Surveillance is simply carried out through the use of cameras that are fixed either facing outside or inside of the cabin. Today, technology has improved how this is accomplished through the introduction of real-time surveillance with cameras that are connected to the internet. Further, the cameras are also connected to GPS to show the actual location and position of the vehicle.

Surveillance Cameras

Dashboard cameras, which are commonly known as dashcams, are installed in vehicles to monitor the routes they are following and also record various events. To avoid challenges related to video storage space, they have event-triggered sensors. Back at the office, managers are notified of such events through an email or short text message on their phones with the time of the event so that they can follow up.

Cabin cameras monitor the behavior of the drivers in relation to their driving habits. Managers are concerned with drivers who sleep while parked in a parking lot when they are supposed to be driving to their destination, use mobile phones while driving or carry unauthorized passengers. After discovering this behavior, managers can take the necessary actions like retraining a driver.

Passenger Counting Cameras

As part of surveillance, passenger buses and vans are fitted with passenger counting cameras. They are then connected to the bus Wi-Fi to transmit the data live. Therefore, transparency is enhanced because all passengers who board and alight from the vehicles will be known in real time. You can check for more info at to understand how the bus Wi-Fi internet makes it possible to use these smart cameras.

The passenger counting cameras are backed up by infrared sensors that also detect passengers boarding and alighting. This eliminates any mistakes that might occur during operations. The two solutions work seamlessly to provide accurate results.

Benefits of Using Surveillance Systems in Fleets

·        Improved productivity – as the drivers are monitored and retrained on the appropriate behavior, their productivity increases. Likewise, the passenger counting cameras ensure that there is no loss, which also increases productivity per day.

·        Cost reduction – losses and repair costs for a fleet company take a toll on its expenses. Thanks to surveillance solutions, managers can now limit these costs to acceptable levels. If the trend becomes abnormal, more investigations are carried out and more strategies are established to lower these costs.

·        Increased accountability – with surveillance solutions in use by a company, both drivers and managers become accountable for their actions because there is evidence. However, making mistakes is avoided when workers know that an eye is watching and keeping records for reference.


Surveillance solutions are very important in a fleet company. As seen from the above insights, they have many benefits. The initial cost of installation might be high, but the many benefits that will follow will go a long way in improving your fleet company.

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