How an Email Verifier Contributes to the Success of Your Email Marketing?

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 14th February 2021

If you’re planning to win the hearts of new and existing customers, Email Marketing is just for you. Email is one of the popular and effective communication tools to interact with your customers. Most of the customers check their emails every day. With an effective email campaign, companies can generate traffic, drive conversions and increase revenue. 

And yet, your email campaigns don’t generate good results or below the expectations.

There might be several questions running through your head. Why does the email campaign not generate good results? The list goes on and on…

There are several reasons why your email marketing campaign is not performing well, but the major reason is “Quality of email contacts”. Many companies collect email id during the point of sale or create a new account on a mobile phone. While entering the email address on the mobile, customers can enter incorrect email addresses or typos can occur.

These could be discovered when you encounter “Mail Delivery Failure”. This could pull down your marketing efforts, your revenue graph will decrease gradually. An accurate email address list is important to make the most from email marketing campaigns. Small and large businesses are using email verifiers tools to validate or verify the email address. So, you can stop worrying about mail delivery failures or delivery rate. Yet, when you encounter an invalid email address, you can delete it from the email list. Switch to email address checker to keep your email or subscriber list reliable and loyal.

Wondering what is an email verifier? What are the benefits of using an email verifier? Things to consider while choosing an email verifier, continue reading…

What is an email verifier?

Email verifier is a powerful tool available in the market. Most of the salesperson and marketers are using email verifiers to validate the email address and make sure the email address exists or valid. The email verifier tools are capable of verifying single or bulk email addresses. Simply put, these tools identify the invalid, spam traps, dangerous or not working email address, later you can delete them. Email verifier is an excellent tool to reach valid customers and decrease bounce rate.

Benefits of email verifier tools for your email campaign

  • Reduce bounce rate

Email bounces are the major nightmare for any email campaign. When the bounce rate is increased, the domain quality and brand authority often get decreased. Also, there is a chance where your email address will be listed on “Email Service Providers” as a spam email and block your email address forever.

Thanks to email verifier tools!!! With the tool, you can stay away from spam and bounces. This tool will validate every email address in your list before sending the email. Segregate the email addresses in your list accordingly. Sending the cold mail to interested or real people will decrease the bounce rate.

  • Increase sender reputation score and better email deliverability

Have you ever heard about the sender reputation score? Of Course many times. Every email address has a sender reputation score. With the score, ESP will decide the email quality. When the score is higher, email deliverability will often get increased. When you send email to spam or invalid email address frequently, this can suspend your email account. Checking the email address will help to send email to the right recipient. Email verifier will keep your email list healthy and also increase sender reputation score.

  • Higher engagement

When a customer doesn’t receive your email, it’s impossible to engage with your products or services. It’s said that a higher delivery rate increases the open rate, click-through rate and revenue. Response rates often get increased when you send the email to a valid email address. With email verifier, send your email to the interested and valid users and improve engagement and get maximum response rate.

  • Non-existent domains

There are times when a company gets shut down or changes its domain name. In such cases, their email address will be inactive. Email verifier will help to find out the email address of an inactive domain. You can delete these email addresses and reduce the bounce rate.

  • Job changes

It’s no surprise, people switch from one job to another for better growth. When they switch to another job, their email address gets unreachable over time. Email verifiers can provide information when the people left their previous job.

  • Syntax errors

Mistakes happen!!! Syntax errors are the common mistakes encountered while filling the email address at point-of-sale or during registering. Consider, a customer can make a spelling mistake while entering their email address. Email verifiers identify such syntax errors.

  • Spam traps

Spam traps are fraud management tools. These email addresses don’t belong to humans or real people. These are used by spammers or intruders. The spam trap email is not created for communication, they are used to lure spam. Blocking the spam trap emails is possible with email verifiers.

  • Save money and increase revenue

Email verifiers are cost-effective tools. This is one of the major advantages to choose email verifiers. Sending an email to an accurate and real person, you’ll likely generate better revenue. Hopeful, you can drive better revenue from your email marketing campaigns. Also, you earn more income from future email campaigns as well.

Things to consider while choosing the excellent email verifier

The key measure of any email verifier is to maintain a healthy email list. The service works in a simple and straightforward way, you enter one or multiple email addresses and validate the email address. Download the valid email address and later filter them according to your choice. 

There are hundreds of email validation services available in the market. You need to consider a few things before choosing any email verifier. It includes

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Data security
  • Verification methods
  • Advanced feature
  • GDPR compliance 
  • Free trial program
  • Customer service
  • Pricing

While choosing the email verifier, it’s important to check the reviews of the product. Approach the customer agent and clear all your doubts. Also, read and understand the purchase policy before you make a decision.


Business, clients and customers often interact via emails. Email marketing is considered as the primary strategy for companies of all business sizes. Worryingly, only 15% of email addresses are accurate. Rest of the email addresses are considered as the bad data, this could be because of human error, spam traps, job change and more. Hence, before sending an email, it’s important to verify the email address. Email validation or verification is one of the best practices to reach the right people. Email address checkers are here to rescue!!! Business owners can validate and segregate the email addresses. Sending an email to interested and real people will increase engagement, improve brand authority, better revenue and more. Simply put, email verifier tools will contribute to the success of every email marketing campaign. 

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