How Bulk Text Messaging Can Work For You And Your Customers

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 23rd November 2021

Marketing and convincing customers to engage with your brand can be tough. Even under the best circumstances, your marketing messaging and promotional tools may not be as effective as you wish them to be. Unfortunately, this is just a common side effect of running any kind of marketing campaign. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your marketing plans by opening up the channels of communication with your customers. Communication is a two-way street that can be incredibly effective with the right tools. Text messaging offers one of the best, efficient, inexpensive, and robust tools around. By communicating with customers through targeted text messaging campaigns on a massive scale, you can definitely improve leads, conversions, and customer satisfaction. Communication also can benefit the organization itself by using mass text messaging. Here’s a quick guide on how bulk text messaging can positively affect both your business and its customers.

More Control Over Messaging

Controlling the content of your messages is but one aspect of a larger equation when it comes to a full-fledged marketing campaign. You also need to figure out how to control the delivery of your messages and understand their engagement metrics. The ability to schedule a message for any time and any delivery date is part of taking more control over the messaging process. Using an integrated solution for mass text message marketing, you can schedule alerts, messages, promotions, and more with the intent of getting in touch with your contacts. To make it even easier, you can set up templates that you can then tweak and personalize to further control your messaging. Using tools like these is a great jumping point for sending the messages you want and achieving the desired effect without much difficulty. Control and agency over content delivery, knowing recipients actually open the message, and being able to reply to individual contacts or groups immediately are all valuable tools when it comes to controlling your messaging content for a wide audience.

Flexible and Versatile

Throughout the course of a typical business day, messaging in bulk can actually be much more useful than merely being utilized as a marketing tool. The ability to quickly access a large number of contacts with alerts, messages, or important business information is critical sometimes. Whether it’s a project that a large group of staff is collaborating on or essential information about certain business practices, reaching everyone quickly can mean the difference between success and failure. When it comes to importing contacts into an integrated mass texting system, all you need to do is make a list in CSV format (a format that makes compiling data easier) that is then brought into the system. From there you can designate names, business roles, titles, other contact information, location, and more. With this information at your fingertips, you can then cherry pick and select which individuals to whom you want to send your message.

More Users/Customers

Do you want to get more customers and engage with your current customers a bit better? Of course you do! It’s one of the key responsibilities of any good business to not only provide value to its existing customers but demonstrate to potential customers why that company is worth patronizing. Text messages typically catch a potential customer’s attention, they aren’t as intrusive or dangerous as some types of emails (we’re looking at you, phishing scams), and are super convenient. Most recipients need only look at their devices to get the message. That bodes well for marketing initiatives and standard communication alike. Since most people have smartphones, that means potentially anyone can become a customer. So why not leverage that in any way possible? Bulk texting empowers you to do just that!

Improved Engagement

If you really want to amp up your engagement with customers, sending a bulk text is a great way to do it. Better engagement improves open rates and response rates significantly. Personalized messages and promotions make customers more likely to engage with you. You can also send sweepstakes or promotions. Best of all, what might improve engagement the most is that you are not persistent or annoying about sending them communications. Because of the infrequent nature of sending a mass text, text messages can be special and more likely to be opened by their recipients. Ultimately, there are many ways to improve engagement but leading with text messages is a great place to start.

Smooth Business Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of success at any business, and yours is no different. When you’re not actively engaging in text message marketing campaigns, you may want to turn to mass text messaging as a means to communicate with your colleagues and team within your own organization or internationally. Using many of the same functions such as scheduling, contact imports, labeling contacts, and more you can accomplish the same goals as a singular entity without any miscommunication along the way. Text messaging represents a more effective means of communicating in general, with increased response times and better understanding across the board. Incorporating it into your standard communication along with other methods such as email, video conferences, phone calls, and in-person meetings is a surefire way to ensure everyone stays up to date throughout the course of any project or other initiative.

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