How Can I Send and Receive Fax from Mac?

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 1st February 2021

Faxing and certain other methods of communication have highly benefited mankind and have provided a lot of ease and comfort. Despite all of such purposes, faxing is no longer considered a pivotal mode of communication or transmission as there are certainly other methods that are way faster and comfortable.

Even though the need for fax has deteriorated to a sufficient extent and there are a few users left, there is no denial of the purposes and confidentiality it possesses. Faxing is a unique process and therefore needs a lot of time and bulky machines. For coping with this, we have a solution from where you can fax your documents out through your MacBook.

CocoFax: Your Macbook Faxing Solution:

CocoFax is a highly beneficial and easy solution that is useful for your faxing needs from your MacBook. It has received worldwide fame owing to its capabilities and ease in usage. CocoFax is endorsed by a wide number of brands. CocoFax always grants you free fax online and a recognizable service that you exactly need from your MacBook.

CocoFax is a multipurpose brand that is reputed among the top faxing sites. It is highly ranked and recognized as a brilliant service that can be used for online faxing for free. You can always learn from Google Fax Free Page to know more about this service. CocoFax is endorsed by brands such as Buzz Feed, CNET, Tom’s Guide, Android Authority, and the New York Times.

Why Is CocoFax Considered A Maestro In Macbook Faxing?

CocoFax is a brilliant site that is recognized by the digitally acclaimed global service and currently serves topmost service among the competitors. CocoFax is the only thing that you need for an easy and reliable faxing service.

CocoFax is fully laced with capabilities and advancements that make it the best and unbeatable service for free faxing online. It has a lot of free and extensive features that make it recognized and loved by a multitude of countries.

CocoFax provides you with a free of cost trial that lasts for an exact month. CocoFax makes sure that the users who use it daily are given the best of facilities. CocoFax comes with more than 30 features that are not found in any other faxing site. The MacBook facility is also free for all of the users and serves as a nice facility.

Is Fax Sending Possible Over An Internet Connection On Macbook?

Fax sending is the easiest and most useful process on CocoFax. With certain facilities, you can always ensure that no complaint is faced at the time of sending and receiving. CocoFax provides you a free of cost trial so you can guess the level of the services it bestows you with.

You can always send the fx easily from a MacBook to any other operating system with the help of CocoFax. All that you require for a matchless and easy game of fax transmission is a stable internet connection. Once you achieve this, you will be ready to enjoy the services.

CocoFax ensures that no hidden or concealed charges are kept aloft from the users. Therefore, the trial of a free month is readily available for anyone who wants to use our services. CocoFax runs void of any down or extra payment and therefore, eases the path to a relentlessly effective faxing service.

How Is The Fax Sent And Received On A Macbook (Step by Step Guide)?

The step by step guide of the process of sending or receiving and using the application is clearly stated in a bullet point manner. The guide is easy for contemplation and details the process form where you can start your online faxing and enjoy the services we provide. Here is all that you need to do:

Step 1:

The first step starts with the condition of a stable and reliable internet connection. Soon after that, you can achieve your account by opening the free site of CocoFax. The site is on the first page and is called “”. The site contains a button anchor from where you can put your details and start account formation.

Step 2:

The detail box is the area where you provide your credentials and ease the process of account formation. CocoFax makes sure that the details are kept safe and therefore, is written in telegram dots. All you need to do is to provide CocoFax with your email address. The site automatically forms the account and provides you with a free and idiosyncratic fax number.

Step 3:

As your fax number is allotted and your account is made to work, you can now easily receive or send the fax and start your online faxing procedure. For sending the fax to any other person, enter the fax number of the person you want to send it to. Make sure that the fax number is unique and belongs to the person you wish to send the fax to.

Can We Receive The Fax On A Macbook Too?

Same as the sending process, the receiving process is easy and made comfortable for the users. CocoFax provides you with an inbox where the incoming faxes are stored and kept for the record. CocoFax works in all the standards of comfort for its users.

Moreover, the files of the fax in which it is received are always kept safe as a PDF file. Now you have no worries regarding the sharing of the file as the PDF format can be shared on almost all social media applications.


CocoFax is a superior and easy service that is your exact need for which you can send or receive the fax online on your MacBook. CocoFax makes sure that there is no complication in the process. CocoFax works as your absolute partner in need.

To make sure all of your faxing needs are fulfilled and you are satisfied with the best service, trust CocoFax. Don’t forget to subscribe to our attractive packages after the trial is over!

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