How Can You Measure the Effectiveness of Employees?

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 22nd December 2020

A company can really only be as good as its employees are in my opinion. That is why it is actually very important for a company to measure how their employees are performing and to see how they are improving. If employees are not performing at their best, then they are more of an expense to a company compared to an asset. This is especially true if a company is in an industry where employees are the differentiator between success and failure.

Below are some of the popular ways that a company can measure the activity of employees and see if they are performing up to their ability. They are all equally effective in my opinion.

Set Minimum Baselines

For some companies, it may be tough for employees to seem effective because there are no clear expectations set for them. For instance, an employee that has the freedom to make unlimited cold calls might not know what is expected of them. A good manager in that situation would have minimum numbers set so that the employee could judge their performance based on a minimum requirement.

Managers that set minimum baselines that every employee should hit will do much better than someone that just has employees wing it and see how they do. Minimum baselines are vital for an employee to judge their performance off of and see how they are doing.

Measure Activity

Depending on the industry that a company is in, measuring activity is a pretty easy way to judge the effectiveness of employees. For instance, keystroke logging is a type of measurement that could be used to see if an employee is hard at work during business hours.

If there are no keystrokes logged during a specific work time, then it is safe to assume that they are messing around and not being effective with their job. Keystroke activity is something that is such a simple metric, but it can show a lot of inefficiency from an employee and prove if they are doing their job or not.

There are other ways to measure activity like keystroke logging, but I have found that to be the most effective way.

Client Survey

The last way to measure the effectiveness of your employees is to measure their performance from a client’s point of view. A lot of businesses already do this, so it is obviously a great way to gain insight and know-how your employees are performing.

For instance, after your employee works with a client, you can just make up a quick survey to track how their experience was. If they rate the experience well, then you know that the employee that worked with them was effective.

Measuring activity and the effectiveness of employees is. Really not that complicated after the proper systems and processes are implemented. It really is not too tough, and it can produce a major return on investment if it is done right.

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