How LinkedIn Premium Can Help Find Your Next Job

by anne jane in Tech, Tips on 30th October 2018

Most job seekers understand that it’s necessary to add a latest, professional photo to their LinkedIn’s profile. LinkedIn is undoubtedly the social network for job-looking professionals.
According to the latest survey, 94% of recruiters are busy on LinkedIn. Yet, Surprisingly, only 36% of job seekers are users.
Many Job seekers don’t optimize their LinkedIn profile to help them to find the jobs. Alternatively, they copy and paste their CV’s and hope to find the right employees. The LinkedIn premium provides insights for the job applicants, by telling the viewers, on-demand learning and monthly Inmails services.
On the whole, LinkedIn provides different levels of premium account options for its users with various aims based on their particular needs.
LinkedIn for general users, it starts at $24.95 per month. This plan includes peculiarities like seeing more profiles, can view expanded profiles on LinkedIn, InMail, access to added search filters and more.
The premium for Recruiters begins at $49.95 per month. This plan includes reference search, saved searches with alerts for new candidates who meets the criteria, talent-finding filters and more.
For Job Seekers, it begins at $19.95 per month. This plan includes the ability to search $100K plus jobs. With this,the ability to move up to the top of the list, detailed salary information, access to the job seeker community, and more.
For Sales Professionals, it begins at $19.95 per month. This includes introductions to companies which are targeted, Lead Builder organizer, and more.
Below are the LinkedIn Policies, and tips which might be known and put one step nearer to a new career or a job.

Include great stories with a nice profile

Hiring managers, recruiters respond more to storytelling, instead of mind-numbing series of facts. According to the research, stories can assist to increase memory. So, having a good story or two in the LinkedIn profile can make more memorable to the hiring managers. For instance, while posting a profile, don’t just state the responsibilities, instead weave an exciting story about the progress in the job. At the same time, keep the story brief and short.
As a Premium member, the job applicant is automatically preferred than non premium members, while applying for a job.

Click search for a perfect job

Job search permits to use filter into LinkedIn features for a particular job role which matters. It can search fields like job function, experience level, location, industry, and company.
As a premium career member, users can filter by salary range and see the companies which are growing faster for the specific type of industry.
Users can set alerts for the companies and jobs they are interested in and be updated with their career choices.  

Connections can help

70% of professionals get approved at a company if they have a connection. Never underestimate the power of a network and a casual conversation. Have mutual connections which can be the solution to find the next job opportunity. While applying for a job LinkedIn helps in finding the company page and the people working over there in that particular company.

Profile Views

Non premium members can look for the last five views of their profiles. By taking a premium membership, people can see and know who have looked into their profiles from the last 90 days.
More fundamentally, users receive information on those people who arrived at their profile. This allows personalizing the contact. This also helps to strengthen the profile which seems to be practiced most often by hiring managers.


Inmail is LinkedIn’s messaging system which permits their premium users to communicate with people outside their network. Users can contact about a professional background. This is valuable while applying for a job. Users can even purchase the Inmails without their premium account for $10. The Job seekers premium account allows its users to send up to three messages per month. There is always a possibility of purchasing additional InMail features.

Profile organizer

LinkedIn premium account helps to organize the contacts among the tags. It permits to add LinkedIn members to quickly organize by just saving the profile. Once the profiles are saved into the organizer, one can further organize them by arranging them into the folders.


However, there are many other features with the above mentioned. Users even have the privilege to use these features for a month and look what they get out of these. There is always a one-month free trial which is easy to set up. They always have the flexibility to revert to the regular, free account if they think the premium account doesn’t work for them. Overall, It’s essential to note that, these features are only relevant if the users use them.


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