How to boost your Ecommerce online

by Josh Biggs in Ecommerce on 27th April 2021

If you’ve been in business for a few years, or you’re brand new to the market, there’s no denying that boosting your online eCommerce sales can bring plenty of benefits to your company or brand. 

The world of business can fluctuate, which means that any brand can go through ups and downs when it comes to sales and revenue. Especially when faced with difficult situations that are beyond its control; such as the recent coronavirus pandemic! If you’re having trouble with your eCommerce strategy, and are looking for ways to bring in new customers and increase your revenue, then there are a few handy ways to give it a helping hand.

Like any marketing strategy, eCommerce is something that is constantly evolving and changing, meaning that your strategy needs to begin doing so too. If not, your previous tactics and methods will grow stale, and sales will drop.

Here are some of the best ways to boost your eCommerce online!

Here’s how you can do it

Target existing customers

Sometimes, when businesses are struggling for growth or sales, it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that it’s because they think they don’t have enough customers. You might be surprised to hear that this isn’t always the case! 

Rather than focusing on misconceptions like this and focusing all your marketing efforts on customer acquisition, try looking for new ways to improve your relationship with existing customers. Having a strong customer retention strategy is key to any successful eCommerce business because loyal customers will:

  • Be more likely to add extra items to their shopping cart.
  • Usually have a higher conversion rate
  • Generate you more revenue every time they visit your site

These types of customers are already familiar with your brand, so you should reward their loyalty to keep them coming back again and again. Try focusing on ways to improve their user experience. Why not reward them with a customer loyalty program that gives them an incentive to spend more money each time they shop on your online store?

Advertise on Google

Advertising on Google is a great way to be in front of your competitors for the products you sell. If you are not an expert or do not want to hire someone or an agency that provides Google ads services to handle your Google Ads campaigns, many free tools exist to give your paid ads a much-needed helping hand. CleverAds, for example, is a Google Premier Partner that offers Adwords solutions and free advertising tools. The software offered by this handy tool allows you to create search and display campaigns in Adwords automatically, by scribing any page or landing page on a website.

Some other features of CleverAds include: 

  1. Keyword planner – through the extension in Google Chrome, CleverAds can help you find the keywords that convert the most, as well as extracting top keywords from all the pages that the user visits.
  2. Banner Maker – you can automatically generate your banner ads.
  3. Google Ads audit – based on Google’s own recommendations, CleverAds analyzes the performance of your campaigns and provides information on how to optimize your Google Ads campaigns to reduce your investment and increase your visibility with out-of-the-box suggestions.
  4. Google Ads Translator – allows you to translate your campaigns into other languages to target your ads to any location in the world.
  5. App version: you can use the app to receive reports on your ads and monitor the performance of your campaigns on Google, Facebook and Bing.
  6. Integration in Slack and MS Teams: to see directly and instantly the reports of the campaigns, charts and alerts from Google Ads and to be able to share all this information on the communication platform of your team.

All those features are free so you can just try and see how it goes with your Ecommerce. Start advertising online with this Google Ads promo code!

Optimise your eCommerce store for mobile users

If you still think that customers do most of their online shopping from a computer or laptop, then you’re gravely mistaken. Whether you love them or hate them, the reality is that there’s a very high percentage of people who buy online using their smartphone devices. Numerous statistics and studies have been carried out over the past few years, but most point towards the importance of mobile users having a good user experience when shopping on a website.

Do you know whether your website is optimised for mobile? If not, try the tool developped by Google! If it isn’t, then it’s highly recommended that you make sure it is. Why? Well, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly it can and will turn potential sales away. If your site isn’t optimised for mobile, it could be why you’re maybe seeing a drop in sales.

Get it optimised for mobile users as soon as you can, and make it a top priority. You could even look at creating a mobile app for your business! If you improve your customer experience then you’ll be helping yourself to get more sales and increase revenue.


If your sales are slowing down and revenue isn’t coming in, then you should consider the tips we’ve suggested to get you started. There are many other tactics and methods you can apply on top of these three suggestions, so get creative and think of ways to market your product or service in a new way.

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