How to Build A Website Like An Expert: A Beginners Guide

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing, Tech on 23rd November 2020

With the advancement of technology, building a website is more accessible nowadays. However, there are fundamental features that you need to consider when building a professional-looking website. Even if you have never designed a site before, this guide will walk you through the basics. 

From the best and most popular site building platforms, web hosting services, domain name, and website setup, it’s your one-stop guide from a beginner to an expert! While some hire professional website developers, you can explore boundaries and learn as you advance. 

Do You Really Need A Web Hosting When Building A Website?

Your website serves as your digital identity in the vast world of the internet. It helps you reach out to your target audience, share your unique ideas, content, leverage your skills, and build a substantial digital presence. However, no matter how dynamically stunning your website or how informative and engaging your contents are, if your website is not published online, it’s completely inaccessible. People will not find your website without a hosting solution. 

A web hosting solution serves as your connection to the world. It’s your digital space where your website’s content, data, and all information are stored. Not all web hosting solutions offer the tools your website needs. Sometimes, there are features your website might not need or is not beneficial but are included in your monthly package. 

Whether you own a small startup business site, a large corporation, an eCommerce site, or a personal blog, you need to identify the right web hosting solution ideal for your business. Good thing, 28msec provides comprehensive web hosting comparisons and reviews of the most reliable, trusted, and detailed walkthrough of which solution is ideal for your current need. 

  • Web hosting solutions are vital when you create your website. 
  • It’s your digital storage of all your access data online.
  • It enables visitors to access your website whenever, wherever.
  • It secures and makes sure all your data is safe and backed up. 

How To Build A Dynamic And Professional-Looking Website

With the technology that we have right now, anyone can design and launch their website without coding knowledge or web designers’ and developers’ help. You need three essential things before you can launch your site, namely: 

A user-friendly blogging platform

Building a fast, professional, and high-performing website requires you to choose the right platform to make your site. There are various CRMs available that you can choose from. With a user-friendly platform, everything will come in handy on your end.

Decide and weigh your options for searching for the right website platform as some require coding language or knowledge about CSS and HTML. Aside from accessible navigation features, a platform must offer:

  • Can run any website
  • Trusted and reliable
  • Mobile-friendly and very responsive
  • Excellent support team
  • Affordable pricing package

A reliable and trusted web hosting service

Finding the right web hosting solution is vital to your website’s overall performance. A slow website can significantly affect its ranking and visitors’ satisfaction rate. WA hosting solution is a fundamental element of a successful website.

Learning the essential features needed for a reliable hosting solution is necessary. Since you’ll be storing your website on this service, you need to find a massive data center with secured servers to ensure your website is protected against potential threats and hacks. 

There are different types of web hostings to select based on your site’s demand: 

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Colocation hosting
  • Reseller hosting

For most startup websites, shared hosting is recommended, but this can still vary with what you want to achieve with your website. Check with your hosting solutions the essential features your site needed to be up and running 24/7 under affordable packages. 

A unique yet catchy domain name

Your website’s domain name is the address people will be visiting when searching for your site. It’s like your digital identification. Searching for the right domain to represent your business or website is crucial. 

Most web hosting solutions offer a free domain name for your website for a year. Then you can choose to renew this or not. Registering your domain is vital. Most hosting solutions come in handy with developers and act as domain hosts at the same time. 

When you choose a web host, you can also check with them about their domain name features as some offer a free domain registration for a year with most packages. 


Building a professional website seems like a daunting task unless you learn the necessary steps mentioned above. With a user-friendly, responsive platform, a reliable web host that offers a free domain name, you’re ready to launch your website in a couple of hours. Once these significant steps are taken care of, you can play with the process and check which features, templates, and subscription packages will help leverage your website’s performance. 

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